yard sale saturday

First yard sale post of the season!

Yesterday was gorgeous and since I was in town and didn’t have plans until later, I headed out to the yard sale circuit. I got back into the groove pretty quickly and found a number of bargains.

At the first stop, I picked up two baskets for $0.50. I really just wanted the taller one to house sewing projects in, but the other one will be good for company or picnics. The picnic basket I got for $1 at another sale later in the day. It’s in great shape, UK colors and it’s collapsible! The boyfriend and I will have to go on a picnic soon.


Jackson is a big fan of the blue basket as well. It’s well suited for his napping purposes.


This cool art cover Moleskin notebook ($0.25) is for a friend.



Yarn extravaganza! This woman had a booth at the local Peddler’s Mall and was getting out the business. I got all this yarn for $4. Now to figure out what to do with it…




…though it does look nice in my new basket!


Next, a couple of household items.

A new market tote bag ($1) since some of my old ones are biting the dust. Yeah, I mostly bought it because of the blue edge but the penguins didn’t hurt either. The table was $2 and is just a sturdier upgrade of a table I already have.


Then I got some clothes of course.

A $0.50 robot shirt for the nephew.yardsalefinds414_06


Some ladies with good taste were selling these sweaters. $2 for the gray and purple, and $3 for the teal 100% cashmere cardigan. Both are super comfortable. The woman selling the teal told me she was happy it was going to a good home.


I sold a few things at the consignment store and came away with an awesome dress. Since I made some money, the brand new Limited dress with tags on cost me less than $7. It looks very Kate Middleton to me and it’s fully lined and has nice pockets.


And finally, I wrapped up the morning with a quick Goodwill trip. I have a big backlog of those to post about, but this time I just got two things. An IZOD madras skirt and fireworks shirt for $3 each.


I’ve had far more luck at the Goodwill near my house but decided to try a different location this time. The layout is cleaner and it’s usually less crowded and I didn’t have it in me to battle crowds and subpar dressing rooms after my morning of yard sales.

So there you have it! First yard sale Saturday of the year. As always, a shout-out to my yard sale crew in Alabama for teaching me everything I know. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend 🙂






my first Kentucky yard sale

Going to yard sales and thrift stores used to be my main source of entertainment. I lived in a small town in Alabama with not a lot to do and not a lot of money to spend. I was befriend by a bargain queen and her family who are yard sales experts and fanatics and my die was cast. I had a blast running around with them, and many memorable Saturday mornings.

Since I’ve moved to Kentucky, I haven’t been to one yard sale and the thrift stores I’ve found so far are pricey. I’m sorry, but I’m not paying $16-22 for jeans someone wore already… (I have had some luck at a few Goodwills, but even there I pay more there than I paid at my favorite stores back in Bama.)

I’ve seen the yard sale signs, but it’s no fun without my crew and I’m not familiar with the neighborhoods in the significantly larger city where I live in now. The boyfriend is unwilling to stop at random places when we are out on errands, not that I blame him, and I live in a much smaller place that can’t absorb my random purchases easily. All that being said, guess what I found today?

I was on my way to a friend’s house for a photo party and while driving through her neighborhood I saw a bunch of cars and an overflowing garage with items all down the driveway. Of course I stopped. It was too perfect. I picked out a few things that I knew I would use and had space for, and the woman charged me five dollars for the pile. Here’s what I got.

This first item was my most frivolous purchase. I literally have no surfaces to put things on, so this lantern (which came complete with nice candle) is hanging out on the porch. I think I had to have it because of the color.

I did a little digging and found the spools of ribbon and sequins at the bottom of a bag of Sunday school craft supplies. I have an idea for the sequins that I’m pretty excited about. I’d just run out of glue sticks so I tossed one of those in my pile. They’re useful for pasting scrapbook paper on old oatmeal containers and notebooks to make them pretty.

The envelopes were a good find because those things are expensive. I ran out of stationary and have been using my massive stash of small cut scrapbook paper to make cards but they need certain envelopes to fit them. These envelopes would have cost $10! I can’t believe how much some office supplies cost. Every time I got into Office Depot to buy envelopes or binder dividers I end up passing them by because of the outrageous prices.

The Pyrex bowl was my most practical find. I know I’ll be using it all the time when I’m cooking. The shower hooks are solid metal and will be playing a role in a project that has been at a standstill for years in my old room at my parents’ house.

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

I’m not sure what to call this, but this large rectangle of fabric with a beach scene in neon green and black is one of the most unique things I’ve found thrifting. The phrase is beyond my Google ability but I believe it is in Malagasy because the fabric says made in Madagascar.  I was thinking of making it into a beach cover-up, but I might find a way to use it whole because it’s pretty darn cool.

I picked up this last item because I read this post the other day on Cation Designs. She used fleece to make a super-cute toggle coat. This fleece blanket is a pretty good quality so maybe it will become a jacket?

So that’s my $5 haul. I got an interesting mix. I think my favorite find might be the sequins and I’m hoping my idea for them turns out well. I don’t think I’ll have too many more garage sales in my near future, but I enjoyed finding the one today. I have found some things I like at Goodwill, but overall I’m trying to keep my new purchases to a minimum and not buy things that need major refashions since I have a long list of projects I want to complete.

yard sale finds

So as I mentioned in my summer tote post, I found some fabric at a yard sale over the weekend. But that’s not all I found. I think my yard sale haul on Saturday was one of the biggest since I started going to yard sales a few years ago.

I had a great time with the yard sale crew, Natalie, her Aunt Angie and her cousin Sharalene, as always. As I mentioned before, Natalie’s new job means she can get up and go Saturday mornings. But now onto the finds!

This vintage Samsonite suitcase was in great condition. It almost looks tie-dyed. It was at the first sale I stopped at for $1. I think I’m going to use it for storage for fabric or off-season clothing.

This colorful belt would be great as a strap for a summer satchel. It was less than $1.

I couldn’t pass up these vintage pictures. I’m not totally sold on the one on the left but for $0.50 I took it. The two floral paintings need a little cleaning up but the woman selling them only wanted $0.75 for the pair! I see them nicely displayed in my craft space.

Harvey enjoys sniffing everything I bring back from yard sales or thrift stores.

We stopped briefly at a yard sale where all the clothes were on circular metal racks with price tags of $3 or $5 on them. A lot of them were older clothes, but I picked up a couple items I liked that weren’t priced. When I asked the cashier how much, she said $1 each. I got this giant horse tote bag because it was in great shape and was one of the most unique items I’d seen around. (I also got a full-length Harvé Benard denim dress that will be featured in a later post because it looks much better on me than just a hanger.)

It turns out this bag is a Marimekko. This doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but I liked the other bags on their site and their line of fabrics after I Googled them to find out who they were. Since I haven’t heard of them, and doubt most people living in my area have, I’m assuming this bag isn’t a fake like the Kate Spade I got for $1.

Bonus find: there was a shiny silver thing in the bottom of the bag, which I assumed was some kind of keychain. Turns out it was a pair of small sewing scissors shaped like a bird. I needed some new sewing scissors anyway, and these were in as good of shape as the bag.

I also got a velvety cushion for Jackson to nap on.

And a brand-new, still-in-the-packaging mini cupcake maker for $3.

The boyfriend and I have tried it out and successfully made tiny delicious desserts. The leftovers were sure to be equally as delicious, until Jackson attacked the plastic bag and tried to eat them…

I got a ton of other stuff too. Two denim skirts, a pair of shorts, some outfits and a tags-on stuffed elephant for Emma, three pairs of shoes (one pair is Steve Madden, another is new-looking Old Navy), four Old Navy men’s shirts to refashion ($1 a pop), some J.Crew tops, a vintage sheet still in the packaging, and so many other things I don’t even remember right now. The items in the photos were just the most interesting. I spent $30 total on everything.

I usually have a lot more luck at yard sales than thrift stores. Here are a couple of things I’ve found in my yard sale experience:

– People are more likely to give you a good deal than a thrift store that has all their items priced upfront.

– As far as clothing, I stick to brand names I know because I know what size I am and how they fit.

– I don’t spend too much on anything because there are no returns! If you like something, ask the price and keep walking around. If they want to get rid of it, they’ll often give you a lower price as you start to walk back to your car. If you can’t live without it, go back and pay the asking price.