Italian yarn cowl

I am so far behind on my blogging that I might as well go back to a wintery project. I bought this lovely yarn in Italy back in December.  I didn’t have a lot of yardage to work with so I kept it simple and chose this pattern for a basic cowl. I bought some big bamboo circular needles and it was a snap. 

The cowl came out great! Simple to wear and cozy for the extended frigid winter we had.  
It’s about as half as tall as the one in the pattern which is a comfortable height for me. I’ve put it up for now because we finally thawed out but I’m looking forward to wearing it again next year, after an appropriately warm summer and not-to-chilly fall!


arrowhead lace infinity scarf

I participated in the handmade scarf swap hosted by Sew Caroline and Sewbon and made a scarf I quite liked.


I followed a free arrowhead lace scarf pattern I found on Craftsy and made it an infinity scarf. I used Jiffy Lion Brand yarn in light gray and 10.5 needles instead of the size 13 listed in the pattern. My scarf was a tighter weave then the pattern picture, but I would recommend sticking to the larger needles in the pattern.


And here it is all done.


I sent it off awhile ago but forgot to get tracking. I haven’t heard from my partner so I’m not sure if I will, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be making another one of these for me.

And here’s the scarf my partner made me. Owls and foxes! It will be a great weekend scarf.


quick sewing, quick post

I have so many pretty and fun things to show you all blog fans, but my blog backlog is killing me… Plus I have already completed projects for two swaps this year and am working on four more (Am I hooked on swaps? Maybe…)

So here’s a quick post just so it doesn’t feel insurmountable to get back to it.

I bought some really pretty bird fabric at my LQS last fall. It lingered on my shelf until earlier this week.


I wanted I make a headphone pouch but didn’t feel like shortening the 9″ zipper. Why? Beats me but I ended up with a way wider pouch than I intended.


I lined it with black fleece because I typically like my pouches to have more heft to them than just interfacing. So after making a super wide pouch I realized it would be a lovely new home for my DPNs, at least until I sew myself a fancy knitting needle case 😄


infinity scarf of loveliness

The best way to “get back into blogging” is just to do it, right?

I enjoy blogging and I’ve thought about it often over the last few months, but with my graphic design classes and making stuff (and Instagram, I’m photosarahcrafts!) and traveling to visit family and friends it always seemed like there was something else to do instead. So I’m going to try to stop overthinking it and just do it.

Here’s my latest completed project.


I am modeling it along the Tiber River in Rome. I got to go to Italy with my parents over the holidays and it was awesome!

It snowed and the roads weren’t good one morning so I had some time to catch up on my knitting while we were waiting for our bus to get to the hotel.


It was pretty cold the whole time we were there so I was glad to have another scarf option. I used Madeline Tosh Sock in Modern Fair Isle and I only needed one skein to make this infinity scarf. I used Purl Bee’s Checkerboard Lace scarf pattern because I wanted a pattern that was subtle but still interesting.

I am in love with Madeline Tosh yarn. I had a bit of a splurge before Thanksgiving and am working my way through it. I am halfway through one hat/cowl set and just cast on another infinity scarf last night.

So anyway, back to blogging, keeping it simple and just getting it done! Hope you all are having a lovely new year so far.

it’s so fluffy!

As of yesterday, I am off work for two straight weeks. Woohoo! I’m hoping to fit a lot of crafting in between now and then, but there will also be lots of visiting family, both the boyfriend’s and my own. This will be our 8th New Year’s Eve together.

Here are a couple more yarn-y things I’ve made lately.

The first is a scarf I whipped up for a scarf exchange with friends. We each brought a scarf and picked one out of the pile at random. There were only four of us so it wasn’t too random, and none of us ended up “stealing” each other’s scarves as we were all happy with the one we picked out. 🙂

Amanda used to crochet but has problems with her wrist, so I was really surprised and excited to get a handmade scarf crafted by her! She’s started working on a loom and as you can see it’s been going well so far.


I knew it was homemade as soon as I pulled it out of the bag, because I recognized one of my favorite kinds of yarn.

I forgot to take a picture of mine, so I had the scarf’s new owner, Lindsay, snap a few. She did an excellent job!


I really like how Lindsay has decorated her place. Love that rug.

I made it the same way as the purple scarf I made for Crystal last year (Super Easy Squishy Scarf), but it looks a lot different now that I learned the right way to purl. I used size 13 needles and Lion Brand Homespun in Tulips. I wasn’t sure how my friends would feel about the strikingly hot pink color, but they were all fans.


One more showcase of Lindsay’s photography skills. After I requisitioned the favor of her snapping some photos of the scarf, I realized I never took pictures of the coasters I made her either. Not super exciting, but I wanted something her dog couldn’t chew up like the cork coaster she had. He still tends to run off with them, but he can’t do as much damage.

I made a couple of square ones, and a couple of double layered circle ones out of a blue yarn bought with the gift certificate to a yarn store that she bought me for Christmas last year.


By the way, coasters are a super easy gift that are always useful if you are looking to make something last minute. I have several sets around the house that I use daily.

That’s all for now folks. I’m hoping to wrap up the rest of my Christmas shopping today so wish me luck! Jackson already assisted me in wrapping some gifts this morning.


blue green mittens

I’ve been destashing my yarn this year, and doing a pretty good job of it. My mom bought me some swanky blue-green Malabrigo several years back and I hadn’t brought myself to use it yet. I made a headband from this pattern with it first.


Sewed on the button and everything.


And it was giant and looked ridiculous on my head.


sidenote: cozy oversized GAP sweater perfect for weekends = $3 from Goodwill

If someone had thicker hair or a bigger head it could work, but it wasn’t for me. I considered giving it to a friend, but opted to be selfish and keep my wonderful yarn 🙂 so I made it into something else.

And I chose…mittens! This pattern is a bit much, but I fell for it. Elbow-length mittens? Why not.


The yarn felt like it lent itself to this project much more than to the headband. (The fact that they are Twilight mittens didn’t push me one way or the other, the pattern stands on its own.)


I didn’t know how I’d feel about these horseshoe cables, but they are very interesting and I like trying different things. They look more like a wishbone cable to me.


I made some mistakes as I was knitting, but they were easily fixed. I remember the days when I was scared to knit because I didn’t know how to fix mistakes!

Overall, I was very pleased with how the pattern worked up and the finished product. I wore the mittens to work today with a 3/4 sleeve sweater (it’s been freezing here lately) and they functioned well. I’m definitely a convert to nice yarn now, and may have to head to a nice local yarn store to buy some of the good stuff this weekend.

Check out my Instagram if you want to see WIP and follow the saga of my knitting adventures!


My blog has been sadly neglected in November, and it wasn’t going very strong in the last part of October either. The crafting hasn’t ceased but a lot of computer time at work and cold temps have drawn me towards the knitting needles and crochet hooks instead of the blog. Also, my desktop is stationed upstairs away from the action of the living room and the kitchen. Maybe if I get a new laptop sometime soon…

Btw, the new-ish job I started in August is going swimmingly. It takes a lot of mental energy, but it’s a nice change from previous jobs I had where I felt like there was too much downtime and not enough demand for my services. No problem with downtime being the sole marketing person for a large community college!

But anywho, you’re here for the projects right? I’ve made two hats that I really like lately.

First up, this blue beauty. It’s a knit Bulky Mock Cable Hat (Ravelry link). Knit cables, but no cable needle required!


I’d bought a single skein of Charisma in electric blue at Michaels last year and since I’ve been whittling away at my stash I needed to find a project for it. This hat was perfect.


Not bad for faux cables, eh? I bought bamboo size 13 dpn to make it and I’m definitely a fan.


The cables really shrink together when it’s not on a head. This hat is so soft and I’m looking forward to finding hat-wearing occasions for it.

The second hat is quite different from the first. It’s a shells and cables crocheted hat.

grayhat01AI used a skein of Vanna’s Choice in gray frogged from the failed array cowl I knit last winter.


Close up on the shells. This hat is much stiffer than the first due to the yarn and the smaller hook.


I like the texture of both hats, even though the faux cables and the fpdc cable are completely different. They both worked up quickly.

Making things with yarn is one of my favorite cold weather hobbies. I’ve got a number of crochet projects to catch up so hopefully I’ll get to those soon.