pilot baby hat

My friend Crystal and I met the first day of our freshman year of college. We lived on the same floor in our dorm and as a meet n’ greet exercise each person went around the circle and said something about themselves. She mentioned that she and her family were pilots which I thought was the coolest thing ever.

Flash forward 8 years or so and she and her husband were trying to have a baby. I pinned some cute baby stuff for inspiration, like this hat. They still had a bit of a journey at that point, but when I was hanging out with her and her son about a month ago I remembered the hat.

Here’s my version that I finished last night.


I have a visit planned in March so hopefully we’ll get to do a photoshoot then ūüôā I’ve told her and her husband that they will need to make the cardboard box airplane. Lol.

We got record snowfall here in Kentucky last night and are expecting more tonight. I am a fan of snow, especially when you don’t get to see it very often. It’s been very cozy to stay at home and work on crafty projects. ūüôā


almost February

So we’ve got about one week til February and I haven’t blogged yet this year. I also haven’t read any blogs, so I’m wondering how many unread posts I’ll have when I log in to my feedly account…

I continued my knitting blitz over Christmas break and then hit a wall. Here’s what I’ve accomplished in the last several weeks.

I made perhaps the best hat ever using this pattern.


Why is this hat the best? Because it is super stretchy and I can therefore throw it on without messing up my hair. It’s been frigid here in Kentucky lately so it’s been getting a lot of wear and I love it!


I’m planning to use the skein of gray Jiffy that I’ve been holding onto to make another one. This first one was made from a skein of Malabrigo my mom gave me as a gift awhile back. I did really well at using up my stash last year!

Then I made one.5 flip-top mittens using a gorgeous colorway of Lion Brand Heartland. Hoping to get the motivation to finish them soon.


I also made this hat by request for the boyfriend. It started out slouchy but we ended up going with a more close-fitting style.


He is an excellent hat model ūüôā And pretty darn cute too.

He picked the yarn (one pure wool, one wool-acrylic blend), the style, the width of the stripes, everything. There are a few minor things that could be improved upon, but all in all I’m pretty proud of it.


It’s basically a modification of the hat I made Andrew last year. And I happened to snap a picture of Andrew wearing his hat over Christmas before he headed out on an ice climbing/skiing expedition for school.

andrew in hat

With almost matching glasses.

And so far this year I’ve been hibernating inside trying to deal with the below-freezing temps and subsequent lack of motivation.

I took a long weekend last weekend and went to visit this little girl and her parents.


And I’ve been working and reading Game of Thrones and taking a couple of classes online (computer programming and InDesign) since I get free college classes through work. I’m really liking both so far and am already thinking about some other classes I’d like to take in the future. It’s been five years since I got my bachelors so having homework is a bit of an adjustment!

hat season

It’s hat season! Last year, pre-blog, my sewing machine had some issues. I went full on into crochet (with a little bit of knitting). I made a crazy amount of hats, so many in fact, that I don’t even remember all the ones I made.

Here are the ones I have pictures of that haven’t appeared on the blog already. Pardon the quality on some of these; many are phone photos. I’m looking through my binder of printed crochet patterns as I write this and will try my best to match hats to patterns.

This first one is a hat I made for my friend Crystal. I used this hat pattern from Lion Brand. The rainbow variegations turned out interesting on this hat as they ended up mostly on one side.

This hat is the Cheri Hat pattern, found here on Ravelry. My aunt says this is currently¬†Emma’s favorite hat and she’s been getting lots of compliments when she wears it out! I didn’t remember I made this one until I saw this photo from last weekend. I really like the yarn I used, but I don’t remember what it was.

This hat wasn’t my favorite. I wanted to use up the rest of the yarn from the previous hat, and it turned out too small, plus the border looked weird. I used this Bernat pattern; it comes in a preemie size up to 18 months. I think it would have looked better if I had some more yarn.

Here’s the last Emma hat. I added some rounded ears to this pattern.

She wasn’t big on hats last year. Like the blanket? Check out how I made it.

I used the Maia’s Hat pattern you just saw a few more times for little ones. The sizes go from newborn to all the way up to adult making it very versatile.

I made this version for my friend Crystal’s nephew, who shares the name Jackson with my cat! She was having trouble with sizes when she crocheted so I whipped one up in my hat-making frenzy.

same hat, same yarn (Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! in green tweed). I added pointy ears to this hat for my friend Christine’s nephew Jace.

I think this hat for Christine was made with a half-double or double crochet beanie pattern and a reverse single crochet border, but I’m really not sure. The yarn is Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! in lime green. You could try the¬†single crochet beanie pattern I made a few times. Pardon the blown out Photo Booth photo from my computer.

This hat is a pattern of my own creation using yarn my mom bought for me on a trip to Vermont. It is so soft and luxurious. I used a bobble stitch on top and a ribbed edge on bottom. I wrote the pattern down on a post-it that maybe I’ll find someday.

This is one of my favorite things I’ve made ever. I took on knitting in the round with double-pointed needles and won! I also screwed up and managed to rip out the knitting and fix my mistake. (Note: the “in total” measurements means the whole hat, including the border; I measured from the border up adding a few extra inches to my hat.) I used Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in Navy and found the perfect button while craft store shopping with my family on Black Friday last year. Here’s the pattern on a blog and Ravelry.

I do have a few more hats I made for myself that I haven’t photographed yet. Maybe I can get it together and get pictures of those for a future blog post. I’ve already thought of a number of scarves and hats I made and sent to friends and relatives last year that I never photographed. If you still haven’t had enough of last year’s hats, check¬†these¬†out.

I’m excited that I’ve already had a chance to wear some of my many pairs of fingerless gloves and scarves this year. Last year was so mild I didn’t even get much use out of my winter coats, let alone scarves and hats.

zebra fleece hat and scarf

I found a zebra patterned fleece remnant at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to make it into cold weather wear for my cousin Rebecca. She is all about some zebra print.

The scarf was very simple. I made it using the same technique that I used for the fleece cat blankets. I took two long rectangles of fabric, sewed them together around the edges leaving a hole to turn it right side out, turned the seams to the inside and sewed the hole closed, then did a zigzag topstitch to finish it off.

I’d seen people use felt to sew hearts onto hats and gloves, but instead of felt I bought the smallest yardage of red fleece that they sell, cut a heart out of it and topstitched it onto the scarf. If you don’t want your stitching to sew through on the back side, sew the heart on before you sew the rectangles together. Make sure to leave room for the seam allowance and border so you aren’t stitching over the heart.¬†The fleece cost less than a dollar, looks better than felt and has the same soft texture as the scarf. I have plenty of it leftover for another project or more hearts.

The hat was more complicated than the scarf. I tried to follow this Martha Stewart fleece hat pattern, but it looked ridiculous. So I looked at a North Face hat I had and tried to copy it.

It looked like this one.

I had already folded up a piece and sewed it to make the brim on the bottom. The top of the hat was straight across so I cut six triangles out to get rid of some of the extra fabric and make the hat have a closer fit. It looked like a crown with six points, three on the front and three on the back. Then I sewed the edges of the angled pieces on the hat together. First I sewed the left and right triangles to the center triangle on the front and back sides, and then I sewed the front and back sections together making a center seam. This was an last-minute improv solution, so I think this is how I did it, but I’m not exactly sure. Either the initial measurements or my adjustments made the hat a little small for tween Rebecca. The hat wasn’t perfect, but it looked good enough for making it up.

Rebecca liked the hat despite its imperfections. Here you can see the hat and scarf being modeled by the lovely Rebecca, as well as the beaded bracelet I made for her.

hat and ruffle scarf for Rebecca

Last Thanksgiving I got to see my cousins, Elizabeth and Rebecca, who I mentioned in the last post. I had taken some yarn along with me to pass the time and decided to make a hat for Rebecca. Rebecca was actually learning how to crochet herself and practiced her chain stitch as she watched me work on her hat, made in purple from Caron Simply Soft yarn. I forget what pattern I was using, but it was turning out waaay too big for her head. Instead of tearing the whole thing apart, I thought why not decrease at the brim of the hat and give it a slouchy feel. I wasn’t sure it would work, but if it didn’t I was going to have to tear the whole thing apart anyway. It turned out well and Rebecca and the rest of my family really liked it. It worked well with her hair, and she wore it to church (even though it wasn’t cold) the next day. My aunt sent me this picture of her wearing her new ensemble back at home.

After I made her the hat, she wanted a scarf to go with it. My mom and grandmother and I were planning to head down to The Yarn Lounge¬†across town from my grandmother’s house, so we decided to pick up yarn for Rebecca’s scarf while we were there. I also got some royal blue and turquoise yarns, which I had a plan for but have decided to save for now, and a cable needle, which I have yet to try out. The selection committee of my mom, grandmother and myself went with a lavender shade and I started right away making a ruffle scarf from a Lion Brand pattern. They have so many variations over there, I’m not sure which one I used, but it’s a pretty basic pattern to modify. I added an extra row or two because I didn’t think it was ruffly enough.

Here is Rebecca wearing her finished scarf, which I actually finished at the restaurant where we were celebrating my grandfather’s 80th birthday so she would have it before she left to go back home. Elizabeth, in the background, liked Rebecca’s scarf and placed an “order” for a lime green one, which I made for her for Christmas along with a flowered headband in lime green and white, similar to this one¬†I made for my friend Natalie.

It’s always fun (and a bit exhausting) to see the girls and I like making them things as much as they like me making things for them!

dino hat

My craftiness was becoming well-known around the office. One of my co-workers, Laura, mentioned that she had a knitting phase way back and thought she might have some yarn around. She found the yarn and some circular knitting needles in the back of her closet and bequeathed them to me as they dated from a time before she had children, and her oldest is now five. I was looking for projects to keep me busy and her son Ben likes dinosaurs. I found this Stegosaurus Dinosaur Hat pattern on Ravelry. My points weren’t coming out right so I made three different kinds of points, two on the ends, two in the middles and one taller one on top.

I still had plenty of Laura’s yarn left so I decided to make a scarf to match.

This was a simple double crochet scarf. I folded the ends up and stitched the sides to make the pockets for the hands and added claws in blue.

It has been very warm this winter so I don’t know if the set has gotten much use. I’ll have to show Laura this blog post as a nudge to get a pic of Ben wearing it, even though it was in the mid-70s today…

hat and wristers for China

My friend Crystal went on a trip to China over Christmas 2011. She is perpetually cold and was having trouble finding cold weather gear that wasn’t black or gray. China is pretty cold in the winter, so I wanted her to have something fun and colorful to wear over there. She sent me some ideas she’d found online and I went from there.

She has a smaller than average head, so I crocheted a hat that would actually fit compared to the ones she was trying on in the store. The pattern has escaped me, but I believe it was a simple single-crochet hat with a couple rows of back-loops-only for the brim.

The wristers are from the Windy City Wristers pattern on LionBrand.com. When I found the wristers pattern, I printed it out before I realized it was a simple beginners pattern for a half-double crochet rectangle, seamed with a thumbhole.

Both the hat and wristers are in Lion Brand Homespun in Barrington, I believe.

I made a scarf out of the same yarn which I must have forgotten to take a picture of. Since Crystal was going to be out sightseeing most of the day on her trip in China, I crocheted a scarf with a hole to pull the end through (which Google tells me is a “keyhole scarf”) to fit closely around her neck without having to adjust it all day long.

Here are a couple of photos from her trip swiped from her Facebook where she is wearing what I made for her. I wish I could have gone to China, but at least some things I made got to go!