post new job thrifting

So I got a new job, and with that job comes the need for a professional wardrobe. I’ve been slowly accumulating pieces, but it is harder than I thought it would be. I really want to present myself well since I’m in PR and I don’t want to buy a bunch of clothes I won’t like in a few months because I’ve done that in the past. Here’s what I’ve found on the cheap that I really like.

br dressA


This dress is my favorite and most expensive purchase. Don’t believe the price tag that was still attached. I found this Banana Republic suit dress with tags at Clothes Mentor, a consignment store, for $16. It was more than I wanted to pay, but the fit and quality of the dress convinced me.



These tops were $3 each at one of my favorite Goodwills. Target, boutique label, and Gap, left to right. I think I can make the lilac and gray work for the office. The cardigan is practically essential in my icy office, and the blue sweater I picked up for winter lounging.



I found these two $3 shirts at two other Goodwills in town. Ann Taylor LOFT, Express and the last one was a freebie from Amanda’s mom. I wore it to work yesterday and got lots of compliments! It is an interesting color palette.



This rayon top from Target via Goodwill would be a favorite because the fabric feels amazing, but there’s a hole in the front. I almost didn’t get it, but I want to make this top work somehow because I love the fabric.



This last item was from the same Goodwill as the Express shirt. I really didn’t like the store overall and don’t think I’ll go back, but I picked this up for $0.25 so it was worth the trip. It’s holding produce in my kitchen.

I haven’t been in a yard sale mood when it comes time to wake up on Saturday mornings, and not finding what I want at Goodwill is driving me to the clearance racks at regular stores. These finds are from the past month or so.

I have been sewing a lot of things for around the house, so once I get those rounded up and maybe finish some more curtains I’ll be posting pictures. I found a great coupon last night on Joann’s for 60% off a single cut of regular fabric and bought some really cute curtain fabric that I can’t wait to share.


goodwill trip: June edition

I’ve been to yard sales more than Goodwill lately but I needed a quick fix to look for summer tops the other day and came home with a few things. As usual, all things were $3 a piece.

The first find was a pink floral button-down from Talbots that caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store. I also found these Old Navy jeans with a cute pocket detail. I’m going to have to modify them in some way. I don’t know if I want bermuda shorts, another pair of capris, or to keep them as jeans and modify the hem or make them narrower.


I have one sleeve rolled up, which is probably how I’ll wear it, and the other long just to compare.

I quite like this Old Navy exposed zipper skirt with pockets. It’s a very soft, lightweight fabric.


On a recent shopping trip, my great-aunt was talking about how odd it was to have visible zippers without coverings. I told her that style was called an exposed zipper. She replied that it just sounded scandalous. Lol. Either way, I like the look and this skirt.

I’m also excited about my other skirt find. I’ve been wanting a skirt with buttons down the front. I thrifted a couple before but they looked old-ladyish when I put them on. I tried to make one from a shirt, but it just looked like I was wearing a shirt on my lower half. This one I actually like. I think I’m going to change out the buttons for something more fun, but otherwise I’ll keep it as is. And it has pockets too!


My last item was a simple summery top. I like the detail and the print and it will be easy to throw on and wear this summer.


every thrifted item I bring home has new and intriguing smells for the cats.

Well, only two of the things I came home with were summery tops, but I found some good staple pieces for summer. I had been wanting some new skirts that weren’t gathered waists to give balance to my summer skirt wardrobe, and I find it hard to resist jeans with a good pocket.

If anyone has button ideas for the denim skirt, or thoughts on what I should do with the jeans, let me know!

poppin’ some tags

I hadn’t been in Goodwill for quite some time, but I stopped by during my spring break to see what there was to see. I’ve been setting myself a $10 limit which means three items of clothing per trip. I’ve also been focusing on items that need little or no work to be wearable since I have bags of clothes waiting for an overhaul sitting around. I have found a few good brand name items recently, but nothing super exciting and nothing like the hauls I used to get in Alabama.

This time I stayed under budget with just two $3 items.

This sweater was missing the label, but writing on the side tag and the quality of the fabric make me think it’s from Banana Republic or somewhere similar.


This print is part zig-zag, part animal.


I debated about this purse. In the end, the excellent condition inside and out and uniqueness of the item won me over. The label says it was made in the Philippines.

It reminds me of the wicker chairs on my grandmother’s back deck growing up and it will be a fun bag for summer. Even the checkout guy said it looked cool!


Now that the weather is finally warming up and I’m realizing that a big chunk of what I wore last summer is super boring, I might be headed over to Goodwill a little more often. Or I can head to my stash under the bed and get going with that refashioning. 😉

goodwill refashions

I haven’t been thrifting very much since the move, but I did take advantage of a Friday off a few weeks ago and made a Goodwill expedition. The store was crazy that day for some reason. Everyone in the long lines was asking each other what was going on. (It was Veterans Day, but there weren’t any sales or specials.)

My goal for the trip was to find some items with long sleeves. I have lots of half or three-quarter sleeves, but few tops with sleeves that go all the way to the wrist. (Though I did get swayed by a few items with shorter sleeves…) I was also looking for items that didn’t need a lot of work to make them wearable. I have so many materials for projects I want to do that I don’t need to add anything involved to the queue. I got a few fixer-uppers and a few items I can wear as is. I’m just sharing the fixer-uppers today.

First, the quickest fix. This shirt had navy polka dots, piping, lots of detail, and the tag was still on it. The only flaw: a missing button.

shiny gray plastic buttons with a shank. no thanks.

Cue the button stash. I didn’t like the buttons anyway, so I tore them all off and replaced them with the navy buttons originally on this shirt. It’s funny how the buttons looked matronly on the navy shirt, but on this shirt with navy polka dots they looked perfect.

I only had five buttons, so for the sleeves so I used these shiny blue buttons with a shank. You can’t see the front and back of the shirt at the same time anyway.

The next item didn’t have long sleeves, but I was drawn to the colors. They remind me of summer fruits and honeydews, but the shirt started off way too big. Baggy chic doesn’t work on my frame.

I took in the arms and sides, and then a little bit around the armholes to bring the shoulders in. I also got my hair cut, so no looking baggy or shaggy!


I’m wearing this shirt right now and it’s quite comfy. I like the boatneck.

This last piece was also too roomy. (I got tired of taking before pictures.) It looked baggy, I took it in along the sleeves and the sides with both straight and zig-zag stitches to prevent unraveling, and now it’s smaller and fits well. It hits at a good length too.

I could tell it was a quality sweater with thought-out details and almost passed it by because it was a few sizes too big. I’m glad I scooped it up for $3; it’s nice and toasty. I also like the navy color, though it’s not coming across well in this photo.

I’m getting a new camera with higher ISO and hopefully better white balance coming for Christmas. So excited! My D200 has been with me through oodles of life experiences, but a lot has happened with digital camera technology in the last six years.