crochet market bag

I’ve been making lots of mini quilts, but I took a break a few weeks ago and started crocheting a market tote bag from a kit that my grandmother gave me a couple months ago. It was a good project to work on in the evenings while catching up on shows.  I gifted it to my friend earlier this week. She lives in Seattle and always has to carry around reusable bags since they discourage paper and plastic bags in stores. 

Now I’ve moved on to knitting in the evenings. I frogged a scarf I started that wasn’t working out and it’s becoming a seed stitch cowl. It may be a little unseasonable to be working on a merino wool cowl right now as it’s going to be 90 here tomorrow but it was just 40 the other night. It’s nice to be working on something that just kind of flows. 



pilot baby hat

My friend Crystal and I met the first day of our freshman year of college. We lived on the same floor in our dorm and as a meet n’ greet exercise each person went around the circle and said something about themselves. She mentioned that she and her family were pilots which I thought was the coolest thing ever.

Flash forward 8 years or so and she and her husband were trying to have a baby. I pinned some cute baby stuff for inspiration, like this hat. They still had a bit of a journey at that point, but when I was hanging out with her and her son about a month ago I remembered the hat.

Here’s my version that I finished last night.


I have a visit planned in March so hopefully we’ll get to do a photoshoot then 🙂 I’ve told her and her husband that they will need to make the cardboard box airplane. Lol.

We got record snowfall here in Kentucky last night and are expecting more tonight. I am a fan of snow, especially when you don’t get to see it very often. It’s been very cozy to stay at home and work on crafty projects. 🙂

super simple crochet shrug

This shrug kind of took forever. My mom bought me some yarn for my birthday back in September and shortly after I started this Lion Brand shrug pattern.

My first attempt was no good. The gauge seemed good but my stitches were way too tight and when I had gone through a whole skein I only had a few inches complete. I only had three skeins, as per the instructions, and it’s supposed to be 40″ tall when finished.

My second attempt was working with a very loose stitch but doing back loops only in a super simple rectangle that’s 32″ wide was so boring.

I got distracted by several knitting projects along the way, but took the half-finished shrug along with me to Italy since I knew that there’d be plenty of downtime (at least 8 hours flight each way and bus time).

I could have finished it up on the flight back but foolishly thought that I’d met the height requirement. I finished out the rest of the third skein of yarn back in Kentucky, stitched it up and was surprised at how pleased it was with the result.

So here it is all finished. Considering the whole thing is just one giant rectangle, it’s really quite flattering. And warm!

it’s so fluffy!

As of yesterday, I am off work for two straight weeks. Woohoo! I’m hoping to fit a lot of crafting in between now and then, but there will also be lots of visiting family, both the boyfriend’s and my own. This will be our 8th New Year’s Eve together.

Here are a couple more yarn-y things I’ve made lately.

The first is a scarf I whipped up for a scarf exchange with friends. We each brought a scarf and picked one out of the pile at random. There were only four of us so it wasn’t too random, and none of us ended up “stealing” each other’s scarves as we were all happy with the one we picked out. 🙂

Amanda used to crochet but has problems with her wrist, so I was really surprised and excited to get a handmade scarf crafted by her! She’s started working on a loom and as you can see it’s been going well so far.


I knew it was homemade as soon as I pulled it out of the bag, because I recognized one of my favorite kinds of yarn.

I forgot to take a picture of mine, so I had the scarf’s new owner, Lindsay, snap a few. She did an excellent job!


I really like how Lindsay has decorated her place. Love that rug.

I made it the same way as the purple scarf I made for Crystal last year (Super Easy Squishy Scarf), but it looks a lot different now that I learned the right way to purl. I used size 13 needles and Lion Brand Homespun in Tulips. I wasn’t sure how my friends would feel about the strikingly hot pink color, but they were all fans.


One more showcase of Lindsay’s photography skills. After I requisitioned the favor of her snapping some photos of the scarf, I realized I never took pictures of the coasters I made her either. Not super exciting, but I wanted something her dog couldn’t chew up like the cork coaster she had. He still tends to run off with them, but he can’t do as much damage.

I made a couple of square ones, and a couple of double layered circle ones out of a blue yarn bought with the gift certificate to a yarn store that she bought me for Christmas last year.


By the way, coasters are a super easy gift that are always useful if you are looking to make something last minute. I have several sets around the house that I use daily.

That’s all for now folks. I’m hoping to wrap up the rest of my Christmas shopping today so wish me luck! Jackson already assisted me in wrapping some gifts this morning.


herringbone afghan

I started this black and white herringbone afghan for my friend Crystal at the beginning of the summer, and finished it around the beginning of fall. She’s a big fan of black and white and this pattern from Mamachee seemed perfect for her sense of style.

It took most of the summer to finished all seven strips of the pattern, but I liked how you didn’t have to sew each individual black and white piece together. I finished up with just a tiny bit of yarn left over from my two skeins of Caron One Pound.


Once the strips were created, there was a lot of weaving in ends and then I had to sew all the strips together. I was almost done with this part when Crystal came to visit, but I didn’t manage to have the afghan ready for her to take with her.


Jackson approved, as with all of the projects I place on the floor to photograph.

I finished sewing the strips together and put a double border around it at the end of September, and have been waiting for us to get together again so I can hand it over.I wouldn’t think of mailing it, definitely not after our latest attempt with the Unites States Postal Service. (By some miracle I got my package from her three weeks later, despite the “tracking” fiasco.)


My edges are never quite straight on “motif” afghans.

I usually stick with the free patterns, so you can tell that I really liked this one! I think it’s pretty unique for a crochet pattern and we’re both happy with how it turned out.

crochet blitz

Trying to catch up on some crochet projects here.

I quite like this star washcloth I made in yellow Lion Brand cotton for the nephew. I saw the pattern over at Creative Pixie and started making it within a few days.


It took a few tries to get it right, but I love how it turned out. The free washcloth pattern is from Crochet Spot.

I took some random chenille I got at a yard sale and put it with some brighter purple I Love This Yarn to make an interesting cowl.


I gave the cowl to my mom, but it might be a bit too interesting for her. I figure it will at least keep her warm as she walks around the neighborhood this winter.


A couple of weeks ago I made some mitts for a friend at work. I used leftover red wool and double crochet ribbing to whip them out quickly. They’re pretty much just rectangles with a hole for the thumb.


My friend Christine has been crocheting up a storm and following her on Instagram has made me want to crochet more and more lately. I’ve recently crocheted a rug and a shawl, and have been doing some knitting that I’m pretty excited about as well. I’ve been sewing and thrifting too. Pretty much everything but blogging 🙂

With the incoming winter storm this weekend, it looks like more knitting is on the agenda! I’m really hoping these mittens I’ve been making turn out well. I love the yarn (Malabrigo green/blue) and the pattern too! I’ve posted a couple of pictures on Instagram and am really looking forward to the final reveal. I also just finished a simple scarf for a scarf and cookie exchange with friends. We’ll see if the weather permits us to actually hold it!

Well, I’m off to knit some more! Hope everyone’s enjoying their Christmas preparations!