Italian yarn cowl

I am so far behind on my blogging that I might as well go back to a wintery project. I bought this lovely yarn in Italy back in December.  I didn’t have a lot of yardage to work with so I kept it simple and chose this pattern for a basic cowl. I bought some big bamboo circular needles and it was a snap. 

The cowl came out great! Simple to wear and cozy for the extended frigid winter we had.  
It’s about as half as tall as the one in the pattern which is a comfortable height for me. I’ve put it up for now because we finally thawed out but I’m looking forward to wearing it again next year, after an appropriately warm summer and not-to-chilly fall!


2012 wrap-up: favorites revisited

This post might get long, but I’ve enjoyed looking back at what I’ve done the past year. I wrote 99 posts in 2012, averaging about 10 a month, since I started blogging in March. Sometimes all I think about are the things I want to get done instead of the things I’ve already finished, so reviewing my finished projects has renewed my sense of accomplishment. Here are some highlights from the past year:

I learned how to knit on both double-pointed and circular needles.


My first double-pointed needle project. I learned how to frog and completed a project I love. It deserves a better photo…


This twisted snood was made on circular needles that my friend Laura gave me after she realized knitting didn’t fit into her life. I was slacking on the photography at the beginning of the year…

I attempted to sell crafts at a local store. The button bracelet project was a failure: my roommate liked hers and a co-worker bought one, but business never took off. I did get an awesome stash of buttons out of the project so it was a winner for me.


The bracelet I made for my former roommate Kendra out of her grandmother’s buttons.

I overcame my fear of zippers and made several clutches for friends.


This one I kept for myself. I love the colors together.

My confidence in making a zippered clutch led me to make this embroidered denim clutch. This is one of my favorites of 2012 for sure.


Seriously, I love this thing. Remember to do more embroidery in 2013!

I started refashioning and ended up with a few keepers.

I also made flared jeans straight, saved a torn coatmodernized an old shirt of my mom’s, and turned a couple of dresses into skirts.

I also made and refashioned some things that did not work out.

I sewed dresses and aprons for charity and started a quilt that I hope to finish soon for another good cause.


These pillowcase dresses went to Little Dresses for Africa.


These aprons went to Haiti as part of Craft Hope. I used pieces from my stash and made up the “patterns” as I went along. They all turned out better than expected and I hope their recipients enjoyed them.

I made some things for the small members of my extended family.


A tool belt for my godchild Anthony.


An embroidered skirt was refashioned into a dress for my cousin Emma.

And I even used some real patterns with non-thrifted fabric. Making more “real” items is one of my 2013 goals.


I’m quite proud of this sweatshirt jacket.


This shirt had some placket issues, but I love the fabric and most of the details turned out great.

And that’s all for 2012! (except for the things I finished last year, but haven’t posted yet…) I’ve been working on my 2013 goals and am excited to get that post together next.

twisted snood

In keeping with my goal of knitting more things, I made this twisted cowl from Why Not Make It? for my friend Crystal. She lives in Chicago, so she needed wintery things far more than I did these last few months. I think I may have twisted mine twice which is why it looks like this.

It was easy and kind of fun to work up. This was my first time working with circular needles, and I will definitely do it again. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it might be. I lost track of what stitch I was on a number of times (which is why I don’t knit more) but overall I was pleased with how it turned out. I think the twists are more visible in this photo here. The yarn is Lion Brand Homespun.

Crystal liked it, though she told me she tried to untwist for awhile when she first got it before figuring out that’s how it was supposed to look.

I’m slowly posting my backlog of winter projects though it’s 80 degrees outside. But I’ll be interspersing spring/summer posts as I work on more warmer weather items. I made a breezy pillowcase dress the other night (from an actual rummage sale pillowcase!), so hopefully I’ll get some pictures and be posting that on here soon.

Other notes:

– Yes, I am a professional photographer in my day job. I know most of the pictures on this blog so far may not convince you of this, but my goal is that going forward is to take better pictures of my projects to post on here. My “real” photos are at

– Shout out to Laura, who designed the “Photosarah Crafts” header that you see on the top of this blog. I’m quite jazzed about it.