pilot baby hat

My friend Crystal and I met the first day of our freshman year of college. We lived on the same floor in our dorm and as a meet n’ greet exercise each person went around the circle and said something about themselves. She mentioned that she and her family were pilots which I thought was the coolest thing ever.

Flash forward 8 years or so and she and her husband were trying to have a baby. I pinned some cute baby stuff for inspiration, like this hat. They still had a bit of a journey at that point, but when I was hanging out with her and her son about a month ago I remembered the hat.

Here’s my version that I finished last night.


I have a visit planned in March so hopefully we’ll get to do a photoshoot then 🙂 I’ve told her and her husband that they will need to make the cardboard box airplane. Lol.

We got record snowfall here in Kentucky last night and are expecting more tonight. I am a fan of snow, especially when you don’t get to see it very often. It’s been very cozy to stay at home and work on crafty projects. 🙂


baby outfit and something for mom too

I completed another round of sewing for Emily last weekend. She welcomed her daughter Grace about two months ago, and it took me this long to deliver the goods on a baby present. I knew what I was going to sew and cut out the pieces weeks ago, but finally sewed them together this past weekend.

Both were made from thrifted adult clothes that now have new life as a baby outfit.


I knew I want to make a peasant dress from this fabric from a thrifted skirt I got back in Alabama. The fabric is a bit tricky as it was cut on the bias and is very shifty, but it came together without too much trouble. (I made a purse from the fabric before.)

I made a couple of baby peasant dresses from thrifted sheets before for charity, but I think this is my new favorite.

I added a little something extra to the hem with the leaf stitch on my machine. I wanted to do some really pretty embroidery as the fabric is perfect for it, but opted not to since I also wanted give the dress to Emily before Grace outgrew it!


The dress seemed so small after I finished it, but when I went to see Grace I realized she was still pretty small. I think she’s already growing too fast for Emily though!

The second part of the outfit was actually finished first. I took a plain brown t-shirt that I decided I wasn’t a fan of in its original state and made a pair of knit pants for the baby. I used the existing hem of the shirt so no hemming! The pants were so easy (I’ve made several pairs now) and should be super comfy for Grace.


The last item I threw in the bag was adult-sized. I’ve made this cardigan pattern before and figured it would be an easy piece to wear for a mom with adorable girls who are two months and two years old.


The fabric is a slinky knit from fabric.com. I had to do a bit of maneuvering to get all the pieces out of one piece of fabric (notice the perpendicular stripes on the lower front panels), but look how nicely I lined up the stripes at the sleeves!


It was so nice to finally meet Grace and to hang out with Emily again. Can’t wait to see a picture of Grace in her new outfit!

crochet bear and the arrival of Henry Davis

My grandmother gave me this teddy bear kit when I was visiting her over Easter and I knew I wanted to make it for the nephew.


I finished the bear in one day, working on it during nap time at work and for a couple hours in the evening. The bear is worked all in one piece from left to right and then seamed together.

I crocheted the whole bear instead of knitting it. I tried to knit his scarf but it didn’t turn out well so I ended up just crocheting that too.


It looked so much better after adding the face. It was kind of funny to have a whole ball of black yarn in the kit when you’re only using a tiny bit to stitch on a face.


I overstuffed the tummy area a bit and considered making a shirt for the bear to camouflage that trouble spot.

crochetbear03ABut the scarf gave him a nice slimming effect.

I know lots of people who have had stuffed animals from when they were born, myself included. I wanted the nephew to have one handmade by me. That said, I hope this stands the test of time. It seems pretty sturdy?

I am pleased to announce that the nephew has arrived. His name is Henry Davis and he’s a tiny bundle of awesome. The boyfriend and I are hooked. This baby’s got some excellent parents and grandparents, and a cool aunt and uncle to boot! He should be set for life 🙂


this pic is now my desktop, btw. l to r: boyfriend + HD, HD, me + HD.

With my family all over the place, and the little ones I sew for living hours away, I’m so looking forward to having a tiny person in my life who lives just minutes down the road. As soon as I saw him in person I thought of a million more things I wanted to sew for him immediately. (And also, bizarrely, understood wanting to monogram something for perhaps the first time in my life.)

Is my blog going to go all ga-ga for baby boys? Maybe a little. But I also just finished up and sent off a bunch of little girl clothes to Emma for her belated second birthday present so I’ll try to keep a balance (cause I already have at least two more projects I’m making for her). Plus, ya know, all the stuff I want to sew for me. I’m planning myself a busy summer, eh?

welcome baby Levi!

So my friend Christine just had a baby. She’d asked me to make her a nursing cover months ago, but it took awhile for us to get together on the measurements. Then I moved. So last weekend (four days after baby Levi arrived on the scene) I decided it was high time I started it. It hardly took any time to make, leaving me feeling more guilty for putting it off so long.

I had everything I needed already. Awesome purple and green fabric, which just so happened to be the colors the new mom requested; purple thread; D-rings salvaged from a yard sale belt; and cable ties in place of boning.

I gotten the idea of cable ties from Cation Designs and we’d just bought a pack of cable ties for the apartment. They made the shape I wanted, and hopefully they’ll hold up through the mail. I just hand-stitched them together with some thread.

Here’s the finished project.

I used this tutorial, but there are lots of different versions out there. This is just the one that suited Christine, who was looking for one like the Hooter Hiders. I used a quilting cotton and added six inches on both sides. I also put the D-rings in before I attached the strap to the body instead of inserting them at the end.

I kept trying it on as I went so I could check the functionality. Plus it looks totally different when a person is wearing it than it does hanging up. The part that is supposed to stick out does, so it should work!

This pattern also has two pockets in the bottom corners. If I made it again I’d make them bigger since they seemed like something could easily fall out of the pocket.

I’ve completed a number of refashions since I’ve moved (just slacking on photo-taking), and finished another gift this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates!

peasant-style baby dresses

I don’t have nor know anyone who has small babies currently, so I’m not sure why I had pinned this pattern for a peasant-style baby dress from Sew Much Ado. But when I was looking for items to make for the Love Without Boundaries auction, mentioned here, this dress pattern popped into my head. (I also decided to donate my bias tape bag to the auction.) I used fabric from some of the thrifted sheets I’ve been accumulating to make these two dresses.

I saw this sheet at the thrift store last weekend and knew it had to be made into one of these darling baby dresses. I had white rick rack already from making aprons. (This sheet will reappear in a later post.)

This dress was from another sheet that I used to make a couple of aprons. I wish I had some border left to use on the bottom of this dress since it was a nice contrasting reverse red on cream design.

For me, the hardest part of making these dresses was sewing the elastic together since the armholes are so tiny (the size is 0-3 months or 8-12 lbs.) and I was working with 1/4″ elastic. I sewed straight across the two pieces to hold them together before I did the zig-zag stitch. If you aren’t using rickrack for your hem, make sure you realize that your dress will be a little shorter and you may want to cut it longer. I didn’t read all the way through the tutorial before I started and found that out in the middle.

Overall, the dress was very simple to make and came together more quickly than anticipated. I hadn’t used rick rack for an edge before and was pleased with how that looks. I will most likely be using it for other items in the future.

My goal for next week is to make matching diaper covers for each of these dresses, before the auction deadline of April 1, using this tutorial from Dana Made It. The cream dress with red print will be standard, but for the polka dot oval pattern I’m going to try the bias tape version since I have leftover white bias tape.

crocheted baby headband with button-in motifs

I started this project because wanted to make a Valentine’s Day headband for my baby cousin Emma. I figured I’d crochet a simple headband, sew on a heart motif, and done. But I wasn’t sure how I wanted to attach the heart. A heart is best worn in February and I didn’t want to go to all the effort of making and mailing it just for one day since I’m sure her head will be much bigger next year.

I’ve made some headbands for adults where I just safety-pinned the motif (flower, etc.) to the band and then it could be switched out later. I didn’t want a safety pin near a baby, or pressed up against her head, so I came up with this button system.

I started by making a basic headband in a super bulky yarn with a buttonhole in it. To make the headband, chain until you get to the right length, join and single sc around and around until you get the width you want. To make the buttonhole, I skipped one sc, did a chain instead, and kept on going around the circle. I used the super bulky yarn so the button wouldn’t be so flat against the baby’s head.

I went back to this crocheted button tutorial that I used for the crocheted clutch and made matching buttons to go on the back of the motifs. The motifs just “buttoned” into the headband.

My timing was off so the headband didn’t make it there for Valentine’s Day, but this heart is cute enough to wear anytime!

I went on kind of a spree making the motifs, which included a flower, heart, rosette, star, yarn daisy and shamrock!

rosette motif
I used a basic flower tutorial, but left off the petals.

star motif

yarn daisy with two buttons sewn on top; back view with crocheted button in buttonhole

Here’s a shot with all the motifs together before popping them in the envelope to mail. I just googled the patterns for the various motifs. I found them all over the internet.

I made this Easter egg too, but it vanished. No idea where it went. I suspect a cat may have run off with it.

Looking back, I don’t really like the egg as much as I did initially. I’m not sure it is immediately identifiable as an egg.

Other than the egg incident, I’m happy with how everything turned out. The headband is a little too big for Emma’s head right now, but I can’t wait to see how it looks!

butterfly hat and side to side cardigan

I was looking for a photo of the butterfly hat I made for Laura’s daughter, Zoe, (sister of Ben of the dino hat) but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. The hat was easy and fun to make.

(photo from the site for the pattern)

I hope I’m going to discover a folder of photos of all the things I made towards the end of last year, but after searching I have no idea where I might find them.

I had bought a lot of pink cotton yarn on clearance when I realized my Aunt Amy was having a baby girl (Emma!). I made her several washcloths/doilies (picture also missing) but still had a significant amount of yarn leftover. I made Zoe’s hat out of the same pink cotton, but I also decided to try my hand at knitting a baby cardigan.

I had only knitted scarves before this, so I wanted something that wouldn’t overwhelm me. I chose the Side to Side Baby Cardigan, another Lion Brand pattern. Well, the knitting took much longer than I thought and picking up stitches to make the sleeves almost caused me to throw the whole thing out, but I did it! And I’m relatively happy with how it turned out. I’m hoping it will be a nice spring sweater since the cotton shouldn’t be too toasty in milder weather.