secret tote swap round 5: received

So the good thing about a swap is you make something and you get something. I tried to be pretty specific in my requests this time so I’d get something I liked and it paid off quite well.

Here was my inspiration board. I kept it small to give a narrow idea of what I would want.


I mentioned that I’d like Echino fabric if they wanted to use it since I’ve never had any and really like their designs. I also said I liked blue, green, and geometrics. Here’s what I got from my awesome partner.


An Echino tote with yellow accent fabric and green zippers. Also candy (delicious), notecards, washi tape, bobbins, a mini charm pack, and a square of the green pearl bracelet fabric that was used for the lining.

I had been thinking this bag might be mine since my partner first posted her fabric choices. Turns out I was right! You can’t tell unless you have it in person but the patterned side panels are the same fabric as the main panel, just a different area of the pattern.

I love this tote and have been carrying it to all non-work occasions since I got it. Actually, since it was a casual Friday with no meetings yesterday, I swapped it out a day early and took it to work.

It debuted at the barbecue festival I went to last weekend. I took a crochet project with me so I brought it with me in another one of my totes from a previous round of the swap.


There’s been five rounds so far and I’ve participated in four of them. Previous rounds: round 1 made, round 1 received, round 2 made/received, round 4 made, round 4 received, round 5 made. This round is my favorite so far.

Themes for round six are being discussed now. I’m hoping for a black and white theme 🙂


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