secret tote swap round 5: received

So the good thing about a swap is you make something and you get something. I tried to be pretty specific in my requests this time so I’d get something I liked and it paid off quite well.

Here was my inspiration board. I kept it small to give a narrow idea of what I would want.


I mentioned that I’d like Echino fabric if they wanted to use it since I’ve never had any and really like their designs. I also said I liked blue, green, and geometrics. Here’s what I got from my awesome partner.


An Echino tote with yellow accent fabric and green zippers. Also candy (delicious), notecards, washi tape, bobbins, a mini charm pack, and a square of the green pearl bracelet fabric that was used for the lining.

I had been thinking this bag might be mine since my partner first posted her fabric choices. Turns out I was right! You can’t tell unless you have it in person but the patterned side panels are the same fabric as the main panel, just a different area of the pattern.

I love this tote and have been carrying it to all non-work occasions since I got it. Actually, since it was a casual Friday with no meetings yesterday, I swapped it out a day early and took it to work.

It debuted at the barbecue festival I went to last weekend. I took a crochet project with me so I brought it with me in another one of my totes from a previous round of the swap.


There’s been five rounds so far and I’ve participated in four of them. Previous rounds: round 1 made, round 1 received, round 2 made/received, round 4 made, round 4 received, round 5 made. This round is my favorite so far.

Themes for round six are being discussed now. I’m hoping for a black and white theme 🙂


secret tote swap round 5: made

For round five of the Secret Tote Bag Swap hosted by Lia’s Handmades, the theme was the 241 Tote by Noodlehead. I was quite excited about this theme and decided to order some fabric online instead of just heading to my local Hancock Fabrics. (I’d like to go to a local quilt shop, but their hours aren’t often day job friendly.)

I like the availability of options at Hawthorne Threads but couldn’t decide, so I created a collage of fabric options and got some feedback.


The first options (my favorite) were popular, but I thought my partner might prefer #4 which was also getting some good responses. I couldn’t commit to two as I just didn’t like it even though some others did. Was I overthinking my fabric selections? Perhaps. As the mailing deadline got closer, I realized I better go ahead and order something.


So I went with the Joel Dewberry and paired it with some white twill and a unused belt from the boyfriend as a strap. I had a metal and navy zipper that  went right along with it and even though I was nervous about making a zipper pocket like this, it went together easily.

And I did buy some of the fabrics in option one for me. 🙂 Couldn’t resist!

For my extras I made a zipper pouch with some leftover charm squares. I reorganized lately and found a bunch of things I forgot I had.


And made a key fob too. I ordered some more hardware after running through the first 10 pieces pretty quickly.


And then threw in some buttons and cupcake ribbon to round out the package.


So all in all here’s what I sent.


My partner said was happy with the package and it looks like I picked the right fabrics for her. Success!