key fobs, round one

My key fob mania started because I’d been wanting to make something to carry my keys on and DIY key fobs popped up in my Pinterest feed one day. I ordered the supplies right away and got going.


The first one I made was for my tote swap partner.


While making my first one, I realized I didn’t have much ribbon that was the right width. Shortly after, I found the ribbon clearance section at Hancock Fabrics.


Then when Crystal came to visit I showed her how to make one since she’s always wanting to learn more about sewing. Here are the two we made that day.



Crystal did the bottom one by herself, and the blue flowered one I made has been hanging out with my keys ever since.

So after she left, I go to work making the rest of the key fobs I had hardware for and sending them off to friends.


Yes, that’s a second blue one. Loved the color combo!


I’m keeping that long fabric one for myself, but the rest are headed out to friends and family.

These are so simple to make I know I’ll be making more soon! I just need to order some more hardware. I think I’ll be trying some more with fabric instead of ribbon for the next round.



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