gingham for a baby boy

My friend Julie had a son a little while ago. I’d been meaning to sew something for him ever since I found out he was coming, but his arrival is what it took to spur me into action.

Baby pants and bibs are simple to sew up quickly. I used Made By Rae’s newborn baby pants for like the zillionth time. I’d received a good amount of gingham and some terry cloth in the Gerchow fabric stash I got a few months back, so here’s what I made.


One large check and one small check. I made a matching bib for each pair of pants and one extra from orange gingham.


The red and orange bibs are backed with terry cloth, and the blue bib is reversible!



I used blue and gray striped YS fabric for the reverse of the blue gingham as it’s one of the few boy fabrics I have. I’ve used it before for a boy project, Anthony’s backpack.

Yay for gingham and babies and little boys!


One thought on “gingham for a baby boy

  1. These are the cutest boy baby pants and bibs ever! The bibs look great and their color is very nice. Thank you for sharing this with us. Hope you’ll share more!

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