belated birthday gifts for Natalie

I had the first part of Natalie’s birthday gift made at the beginning of May, but it took about a month to make it to the post office.


I used the dumpling pouch tutorial in the large size and some seagull yard sale fabric. I had to do some manipulating so the seagulls would be right side up on both sides of the pouch.


I love the way the seagulls are accented with white and black lines. This was my first time using this fabric. Natalie loves the beach so I figured she’d like it!

Other stash fabric/bias tape finished out the inside of the pouch. I used batting to line the whole thing for a bit of stability. I did have to buy a zipper because none of the 30+ zippers in my stash was the right color or long enough.

The other part of the gift used some stash fabric I’d received from a friend. The colors in the three pieces coordinated so I wanted to use them all together.

reversible gray toteA

The two pieces with the solid gray background were used for the body of the reversible bag. I made used the third fabric for handles and a top border for easy reversible sewing. (The handle fabric has appeared before, my friend just happened to gift me more of the same fabric!)


No flipping or turning or sewing up a hole, I just put the folded piece on top of after putting one bag body inside the other and sewed did two rows of edgestitching. It made the handles different on each side, but overall I like how it turned out.

I thought Natalie would be a fan of the colors on this summery bag. I finally got her gift in the mail this week and she got it yesterday.

And this photo showed up on my Facebook wall today 🙂 Thankfully she said it was worth the wait!


Yay for the return of summer totes! I already have three more I’m working on… and even plan to keep one for myself!


One thought on “belated birthday gifts for Natalie

  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one who takes ages to get around to posting things. I love your attention to detail with the pouch., making sure that the birds are the right way up on both sides.

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