primary colors quilt top

I knew shortly after I bought these four fabrics together at a yard sale almost exactly one year ago that they would become a quilt.  fabricyardsales05A

I calculated how many squares I could get from each piece and designed a layout, with the help of the boyfriend’s math skillz, and cut 5″ squares with my rotary cutter.

Flash forward several months and I finished cutting the squares and started laying them out as I had diagrammed. And didn’t like it at all. I had designed a layout with the individual squares making up nine-square blocks, but when that wasn’t working I decided to go with one big overall diamond design.


Jackson really took advantage of the fabric on the floor and rolled all over it.



Then there was a sunbeam and Harvey got into the action.



Thankfully, it took less than two days to go from layout to finished quilt top and they didn’t mess up the layout too much as it was in progress. I think it looks vaguely Navajo-inspired and am quite pleased with the end design.


Now I just need to buy some batting, black backing, and black quilting thread to finish it up!



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