vintage border pouch

I’ve shared before that my mom’s friends have been generous with their fabric stashes so I have plenty of material to work with. This border fabric had been on my mind for awhile. I knew I wanted to make a pouch with it so a few weeks ago I put aside work and homework and housework and sat down and sewed.


I didn’t want to cut the fabric so it took a little finagling on my end to add the lining and zipper, but it all turned out in the end. The lining fabric and vintage metal zipper are from the Gerchow stash, and the outer fabric is from the Sacco stash.



My friend Amanda came over this past weekend and I gave her the zipper pouch to celebrate a personal milestone.




It’s always nice to see something you’ve been thinking about for awhile come together and I’m glad to be able to turn these great pieces of fabric into finished products. Looking forward to more sewing time as my classes wrap up in the next few weeks!


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