primary colors quilt top

I knew shortly after I bought these four fabrics together at a yard sale almost exactly one year ago that they would become a quilt.  fabricyardsales05A

I calculated how many squares I could get from each piece and designed a layout, with the help of the boyfriend’s math skillz, and cut 5″ squares with my rotary cutter.

Flash forward several months and I finished cutting the squares and started laying them out as I had diagrammed. And didn’t like it at all. I had designed a layout with the individual squares making up nine-square blocks, but when that wasn’t working I decided to go with one big overall diamond design.


Jackson really took advantage of the fabric on the floor and rolled all over it.



Then there was a sunbeam and Harvey got into the action.



Thankfully, it took less than two days to go from layout to finished quilt top and they didn’t mess up the layout too much as it was in progress. I think it looks vaguely Navajo-inspired and am quite pleased with the end design.


Now I just need to buy some batting, black backing, and black quilting thread to finish it up!



vintage border pouch

I’ve shared before that my mom’s friends have been generous with their fabric stashes so I have plenty of material to work with. This border fabric had been on my mind for awhile. I knew I wanted to make a pouch with it so a few weeks ago I put aside work and homework and housework and sat down and sewed.


I didn’t want to cut the fabric so it took a little finagling on my end to add the lining and zipper, but it all turned out in the end. The lining fabric and vintage metal zipper are from the Gerchow stash, and the outer fabric is from the Sacco stash.



My friend Amanda came over this past weekend and I gave her the zipper pouch to celebrate a personal milestone.




It’s always nice to see something you’ve been thinking about for awhile come together and I’m glad to be able to turn these great pieces of fabric into finished products. Looking forward to more sewing time as my classes wrap up in the next few weeks!

yard sale saturday

First yard sale post of the season!

Yesterday was gorgeous and since I was in town and didn’t have plans until later, I headed out to the yard sale circuit. I got back into the groove pretty quickly and found a number of bargains.

At the first stop, I picked up two baskets for $0.50. I really just wanted the taller one to house sewing projects in, but the other one will be good for company or picnics. The picnic basket I got for $1 at another sale later in the day. It’s in great shape, UK colors and it’s collapsible! The boyfriend and I will have to go on a picnic soon.


Jackson is a big fan of the blue basket as well. It’s well suited for his napping purposes.


This cool art cover Moleskin notebook ($0.25) is for a friend.



Yarn extravaganza! This woman had a booth at the local Peddler’s Mall and was getting out the business. I got all this yarn for $4. Now to figure out what to do with it…




…though it does look nice in my new basket!


Next, a couple of household items.

A new market tote bag ($1) since some of my old ones are biting the dust. Yeah, I mostly bought it because of the blue edge but the penguins didn’t hurt either. The table was $2 and is just a sturdier upgrade of a table I already have.


Then I got some clothes of course.

A $0.50 robot shirt for the nephew.yardsalefinds414_06


Some ladies with good taste were selling these sweaters. $2 for the gray and purple, and $3 for the teal 100% cashmere cardigan. Both are super comfortable. The woman selling the teal told me she was happy it was going to a good home.


I sold a few things at the consignment store and came away with an awesome dress. Since I made some money, the brand new Limited dress with tags on cost me less than $7. It looks very Kate Middleton to me and it’s fully lined and has nice pockets.


And finally, I wrapped up the morning with a quick Goodwill trip. I have a big backlog of those to post about, but this time I just got two things. An IZOD madras skirt and fireworks shirt for $3 each.


I’ve had far more luck at the Goodwill near my house but decided to try a different location this time. The layout is cleaner and it’s usually less crowded and I didn’t have it in me to battle crowds and subpar dressing rooms after my morning of yard sales.

So there you have it! First yard sale Saturday of the year. As always, a shout-out to my yard sale crew in Alabama for teaching me everything I know. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend 🙂