winter wrap-up

I’m hoping winter will be gone for good shortly! I’m not against a brisk spring but I’ll be fine waiting until next winter for snow and temps below freezing.

Today is a beautiful sunny day in the 50s so I feel like I should get these wintery knitted things out of the queue.

First up is the flip-top mittens I’d posted pictures of (partially finished) on my Facebook page a few times. I started them over Christmas and finished them about a month ago. I’m really happy with how they turned out and think they’ll be getting a lot of wear next year.


I thought the flip-top part might mess me up, but it really wasn’t bad. Underneath, the edge is finished nicely.


With the rest of the super soft Heartland yarn I made a standard hat with 1×1 ribbing to match the 1×1 ribbing on the mittens. I used circular needles and am over dpns for hats now as it went so quickly!


Recognize the yarn for the scarf? I made another scarf out of it earlier this winter and used the rest of it plus another skein to make this infinity scarf.

My boyfriend’s family was asked me if I was making an infinity scarf when I was working on a different scarf over the holidays and I realized I’d never made one! This yarn was perfect for it, plus it’s such a bright happy color for winter.


To make the infinity scarf, I knit a long scarf 2×1 and sewed the edges together at the end.

I’d like to give a shout out to Lion Brand Yarn, my unofficial sponsor. Both yarns I used are theirs, as is the free pattern I used for the mittens. Hoping to get away from yarn and into sewing for spring soon!


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