winter buntings

I’ve been wanting to make a Christmas bunting for two and a half years. Now that I’ve finished a couple, some please tell me that the trend is still going!

Last Christmas, I got some things together to make a Merry Christmas bunting. The word Christmas is pretty long though so when I finished it a couple weeks ago all I had was the Merry, but the important thing is the sentiment of the season is conveyed in green and red. Maybe I’ll get to “Christmas” in a couple more years 😉



I just sewed green and red triangles together, put some bias tape across the top, and cut out some felt letters and zig-zag stitched them on to the triangles.


So simple it should have taken me way less time to complete!


While I was at it, I finished the “Snow” bunting I’d been wanting to make as well. Still could hang that one up this year as another winter storm warning is rolling through Kentucky tonight…


I sewed three layers of white broadcloth together for these since the white was sheer. To add some pizzazz, I cut out snowflake shapes and sewed them on with the letters.

I’ve started getting back into blogging a little this year with the occasional spring-like day being a good motivator. In the past couple weeks, I’ve also read blogs for the first time this year. I was expecting to see dozens of missed posts from all of my favorites, but instead I saw a lot of “sorry I haven’t been blogging much this year.” So it isn’t just me!

I did buy a couple of patterns to make myself some clothes recently, the Simple Blouse pattern from Running with Scissors and Pattern Parcel #1 which contains some very popular internet patterns like the Lady Skater Dress and the Ava Dress by Victory Patterns at a super crazy discount. Now to find some fabric… Any suggestions?


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