baby outfit and something for mom too

I completed another round of sewing for Emily last weekend. She welcomed her daughter Grace about two months ago, and it took me this long to deliver the goods on a baby present. I knew what I was going to sew and cut out the pieces weeks ago, but finally sewed them together this past weekend.

Both were made from thrifted adult clothes that now have new life as a baby outfit.


I knew I want to make a peasant dress from this fabric from a thrifted skirt I got back in Alabama. The fabric is a bit tricky as it was cut on the bias and is very shifty, but it came together without too much trouble. (I made a purse from the fabric before.)

I made a couple of baby peasant dresses from thrifted sheets before for charity, but I think this is my new favorite.

I added a little something extra to the hem with the leaf stitch on my machine. I wanted to do some really pretty embroidery as the fabric is perfect for it, but opted not to since I also wanted give the dress to Emily before Grace outgrew it!


The dress seemed so small after I finished it, but when I went to see Grace I realized she was still pretty small. I think she’s already growing too fast for Emily though!

The second part of the outfit was actually finished first. I took a plain brown t-shirt that I decided I wasn’t a fan of in its original state and made a pair of knit pants for the baby. I used the existing hem of the shirt so no hemming! The pants were so easy (I’ve made several pairs now) and should be super comfy for Grace.


The last item I threw in the bag was adult-sized. I’ve made this cardigan pattern before and figured it would be an easy piece to wear for a mom with adorable girls who are two months and two years old.


The fabric is a slinky knit from I had to do a bit of maneuvering to get all the pieces out of one piece of fabric (notice the perpendicular stripes on the lower front panels), but look how nicely I lined up the stripes at the sleeves!


It was so nice to finally meet Grace and to hang out with Emily again. Can’t wait to see a picture of Grace in her new outfit!


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