sewing for Emily

I haven’t done much (any?) sewing this year aside from mending. My main activities have been working, homework, knitting, reading, and hibernating from the barrage of winter weather. Since I haven’t been good about taking pictures of my knitting once it’s done, I’m taking this opportunity to catch up on some sewing I did last year.

Here are a few projects I completed for my friend Emily.

The cloth diapers her first daughter used for two years were all stretched out and needed new elastic. I replaced all three pieces of elastic in each of the 24 diapers she had. I used this method she’d found online as a starting point, but I didn’t seam rip (I just pulled the edges of the elastic out), and I didn’t sew the ends of the old and new elastic together (I used a safety pin). I’m glad that project is finished, and now the revamped diapers are in use for her newly arrived second daughter!

Here’s what the old stretched out diapers looked like compared to the re-elasticized diapers.


I also made some pillows for the reading nook in her older daughter’s room. She couldn’t find any she liked, so I whipped up three simple envelope pillow covers from fabric she picked out. (There are seriously a million tutorials out there, just Google it!)


Used my newly honed InDesign skills to throw this collage together. So much easier than Photoshop!

Her daughter was pretty excited when I dropped them at their house. I swiped this picture from Facebook to show how they look in the room. Emily definitely has a Pinterest-inspired house.


And finally, here’s a zip pouch I made for Emily for her birthday. I really liked how these little pouches turned out, but they don’t hold a lot of things. (I use the one on the right for all my little knitting odds and ends.)


I used a bigger zipper and extended it out so it would have more practical uses. I really like how it came out and it definitely won’t be the last time I make one of these.


Instead of using an outer layer of fabric, and batting and a lining, I just used an outer layer of fabric and a piece of fleece for the batting/inside. Works just as well!


In spite of my blog absence, it looks like I’m maintaining page views and even picking up some new followers! Welcome, and hopefully I’ll have more (frequent) content for everyone to look at in the future. 🙂


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