super simple tree skirt

Back in May I went on a scrapbooking weekend with my mom and her friends. While I was there one of her friends (and my former middle school teacher) asked if I would like some fabric she didn’t want. I was already picking up two large bags of sewing supplies from another one of my mom’s friends (that she’d gotten from cleaning out her mother’s house) so I said why not?

She followed up with me when I was home over Thanksgiving and I went and picked it up. Two large plastic tubs of fabric. I’ve already found some cool things in there, and I’ll have get some pictures and post more about it.

We put up the tree the other day and the boyfriend commented that it needed a tree skirt. My Christmas fabric selection is slim, but when I took a peek in the box I found the absolute perfect thing. These two Christmas fabrics were quilted together and so with a couple packs of bias tape, I was able to make a reversible tree skirt in no time flat!


I was pretty excited when I realized how quickly this could come together. I cut the fabric out like you would cut out a circle skirt.


I skipped ties or buttons because I didn’t want to think about how to make reversible closures. I can do that next year 🙂 Right now I just safety pinned the skirt together on the underside along the bias tape.


Here it is under the tree! Don’t adjust your screens, people. The tree is actually super narrow. We’re hoping it prevents cats from getting any ideas about climbing it. Plus we don’t have a ton of ornaments right now.

I used to have more, but I’d brought a lot of my childhood ones back from my parents’ house to my apartment before the fire years ago and haven’t accumulated many more since then. And the old apartment was so small that I didn’t really decorate for Christmas last year. It was fun to get the ornaments out this year. There were some that had never even been hung on a tree!

I think my mom went on a spree at some point and bought me a bunch of ornaments. Here are three of my favorites.


Camera, cats, and crafts. That pretty much sums me up!

Next on the agenda: a stocking for the boyfriend, and maybe two more for some tiny furballs!


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