upcycled cashmere cowl

When Crystal was here in September, she left a few things. She was taking some clothes to a consignment store on the second part of her trip, and let me have my pick first 🙂

A couple of items I can wear as is, but I was stumped by this purple sweater for a few months. I didn’t take a regular “before” picture but it was a lavender, short sleeve, scoop neck cashmere sweater with in-seam pockets.


I let Jackson mess around with it at first because I was thinking it could be a cozy cat bed but he preferred attacking it and dragging it around the house to laying on it.

He’s done this before with cashmere or angora sweaters. I think he thinks they’re alive.


A couple of weeks ago I got the idea to turn the sweater into an infinity scarf.

Not surprisingly, the cat mauling caused a few holes that I had to cut around or sew closed. Since the bottom of the sweater had in-seam pockets, I just sewed the pocket openings closed and let them be a design element in the scarf.


I didn’t have enough width for the scarf to wrap around my neck twice, but I was able to make a decent cowl out of it. I just cut off the bottom of the sweater below the neck, sewed the top and bottom edges together to create a tube, and then sewed the ends of the tube together with a slipstitch.


You can see the edges of the pockets on the front of the scarf, but they aren’t very noticeable.


The cowl is really cozy. I finished it yesterday morning and have already worn it out a few times.  It pairs well with a warm sweater…


and with my new (Black Friday!) coat that I’ve been wearing a lot these last few weeks.


Columbia outlet for $70! I’ve been needing a real winter coat that actually keeps me warm and dry for a while now and I love it!

After this Friday, I’m off work for two full weeks so be on the lookout for more posts soon. Hope all of your Christmas crafting is turning out like you’d hoped!


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