blue green mittens

I’ve been destashing my yarn this year, and doing a pretty good job of it. My mom bought me some swanky blue-green Malabrigo several years back and I hadn’t brought myself to use it yet. I made a headband from this pattern with it first.


Sewed on the button and everything.


And it was giant and looked ridiculous on my head.


sidenote: cozy oversized GAP sweater perfect for weekends = $3 from Goodwill

If someone had thicker hair or a bigger head it could work, but it wasn’t for me. I considered giving it to a friend, but opted to be selfish and keep my wonderful yarn 🙂 so I made it into something else.

And I chose…mittens! This pattern is a bit much, but I fell for it. Elbow-length mittens? Why not.


The yarn felt like it lent itself to this project much more than to the headband. (The fact that they are Twilight mittens didn’t push me one way or the other, the pattern stands on its own.)


I didn’t know how I’d feel about these horseshoe cables, but they are very interesting and I like trying different things. They look more like a wishbone cable to me.


I made some mistakes as I was knitting, but they were easily fixed. I remember the days when I was scared to knit because I didn’t know how to fix mistakes!

Overall, I was very pleased with how the pattern worked up and the finished product. I wore the mittens to work today with a 3/4 sleeve sweater (it’s been freezing here lately) and they functioned well. I’m definitely a convert to nice yarn now, and may have to head to a nice local yarn store to buy some of the good stuff this weekend.

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3 thoughts on “blue green mittens

  1. I think that you’re too hard on yourself, (aren’t we ALL our own worst critics?) as the headband is BEAUTIFUL on you! That’s exactly the way it’s supposed to look too. I’d seen one on a lady on a HGTV show, and she wore it fashionably. She had nothing on you, it’s gorgeous on you. In fact you’ve inspired me to make it.

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