herringbone afghan

I started this black and white herringbone afghan for my friend Crystal at the beginning of the summer, and finished it around the beginning of fall. She’s a big fan of black and white and this pattern from Mamachee seemed perfect for her sense of style.

It took most of the summer to finished all seven strips of the pattern, but I liked how you didn’t have to sew each individual black and white piece together. I finished up with just a tiny bit of yarn left over from my two skeins of Caron One Pound.


Once the strips were created, there was a lot of weaving in ends and then I had to sew all the strips together. I was almost done with this part when Crystal came to visit, but I didn’t manage to have the afghan ready for her to take with her.


Jackson approved, as with all of the projects I place on the floor to photograph.

I finished sewing the strips together and put a double border around it at the end of September, and have been waiting for us to get together again so I can hand it over.I wouldn’t think of mailing it, definitely not after our latest attempt with the Unites States Postal Service. (By some miracle I got my package from her three weeks later, despite the “tracking” fiasco.)


My edges are never quite straight on “motif” afghans.

I usually stick with the free patterns, so you can tell that I really liked this one! I think it’s pretty unique for a crochet pattern and we’re both happy with how it turned out.


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