kitchen in orange and blue

I’ve been sewing things for the new place since I moved this summer, but have been pretty slow in posting them. Here’s what I’ve made for the kitchen so far.

I started with these curtains.


It took the boyfriend and I a bit of debating to settle on a fabric, but in the end we went with this standard orange gingham. The gingham was pretty sheer, so I added some textured white fabric from a yard sale to the back to block more light and visibility.


The white fabric used to be a curtain, but it was poorly constructed with iron-on hem tape so I cut off those pieces and sewed the edges instead.


two layers means more fun to burrow in!

My orange fabric turned out to be wider than the white, so I just gathered it at the top.

orangecurtains02AAnd there you have it, curtains!


ignore all the crap around the sink 🙂

I wanted to use some fun fabric to make potholders and oven mitts for the kitchen, but it took me forever to decide. I started with this vintage fabric from Kathy’s mom’s stash since it matched the orange of the curtains.


This potholder can be used as an oven mitt too. Pattern from Prudent Baby.


I made another one using the same pattern from a navy and turquoise zig-zag remnant. I quilted with white thread in the white sections of the zig-zag pattern and really like how it turned out.


For my oven mitt, I used a Gingercake pattern. I’ve made an oven mitt before using a pattern that came with one of my big 4 apron patterns and it was a trial. This pattern was far easier. I used Hobby Lobby fabric for the outside and thrifted sheet for the inside.


I didn’t realize this until I’d already made it, but I used the same fabric on the exterior of the oven mitt as I used to make my special occasion apronI don’t know how that didn’t click until I was done, but it’s a happy coincidence. (I have an apron from World Market I use for a lot of my cooking because I don’t want to mess up the nice one I made.)


Here’s the completed set. I’m pretty happy with everything overall, though I forgot to sew the bias tape together for the tab on the left pot holder, and the inside layers of my oven mitt are a little baggy.

Some advice on sewing items intended to be heatproof, I used more layers of batting and Insul-Bright than were recommended and am glad I did! The orange mitt has less layers than the other two and my hand starts to get hot pretty quickly!



My blog has been sadly neglected in November, and it wasn’t going very strong in the last part of October either. The crafting hasn’t ceased but a lot of computer time at work and cold temps have drawn me towards the knitting needles and crochet hooks instead of the blog. Also, my desktop is stationed upstairs away from the action of the living room and the kitchen. Maybe if I get a new laptop sometime soon…

Btw, the new-ish job I started in August is going swimmingly. It takes a lot of mental energy, but it’s a nice change from previous jobs I had where I felt like there was too much downtime and not enough demand for my services. No problem with downtime being the sole marketing person for a large community college!

But anywho, you’re here for the projects right? I’ve made two hats that I really like lately.

First up, this blue beauty. It’s a knit Bulky Mock Cable Hat (Ravelry link). Knit cables, but no cable needle required!


I’d bought a single skein of Charisma in electric blue at Michaels last year and since I’ve been whittling away at my stash I needed to find a project for it. This hat was perfect.


Not bad for faux cables, eh? I bought bamboo size 13 dpn to make it and I’m definitely a fan.


The cables really shrink together when it’s not on a head. This hat is so soft and I’m looking forward to finding hat-wearing occasions for it.

The second hat is quite different from the first. It’s a shells and cables crocheted hat.

grayhat01AI used a skein of Vanna’s Choice in gray frogged from the failed array cowl I knit last winter.


Close up on the shells. This hat is much stiffer than the first due to the yarn and the smaller hook.


I like the texture of both hats, even though the faux cables and the fpdc cable are completely different. They both worked up quickly.

Making things with yarn is one of my favorite cold weather hobbies. I’ve got a number of crochet projects to catch up so hopefully I’ll get to those soon.