my new jewelry display (and a giveaway)!

Almost a year ago, I spotted a printer’s tray on one of the blogs I read. I left a comment immediately because it looked like it was in great shape. I got a quick response and snapped it up since she was offering a good price.


My idea was to do a cool printer tray earring holder like I’d seen on Etsy. Unfortunately, the finished pieces on Etsy average more than $100 which is out of my price range. (I got this tray for less than half of that, including shipping.)

I enlisted the boyfriend to transform this wooden tray into a fabulous jewelry display. He didn’t want to put in all those tiny screw eyes, so he decided to put copper wire in loops through holes drilled in the back of the tray.

The project got put away for awhile shortly after he started it, and despite my nagging constant reminders it was only finished and hung up on the wall within the last few weeks. Yes, that means the tray was sitting around half finished for almost a year. But I love it, and I love that he made it for me. 🙂


Looks like I need some more jewelry!

It’s still not completely done. I want some necklace/bracelet hangers on the bottom, but it’s finished enough to be used for now.

And now I’d like to take this opportunity to show off some of my favorite pieces of jewelry! I lean towards simple, small pieces and away from the loud and chunky.


1. sapphire and diamond earrings from the boyfriend!  2. lapis lazuli earrings from little bug jewelry  3. caribbean blue quartz earrings from true elements  4. my dad’s mother’s class ring from 1942 (it survived the fire!)  5. earrings my mom bought me in Sonoma  6. cheapy earrings my little brother bought me years ago (they still get a surprising amount of wear!)  7. gold arrow ring, $12 at Kohl’s during a recent sale

One of the great things about this display is that it serves as a nice visual as well as storage. I like seeing all my jewelry options at once, and have been wearing some earrings, rings, and bracelets that I tended to forget about before.

I used a large standalone jewelry chest for storage when I lived in Alabama, but gave it to the roommate when I left since I knew the apartment I was moving to in Kentucky had limited space. So what was I storing my jewelry in for that year+ since the move?


This egg carton was where my earrings had been living since September 2012. Some of the larger ones were in an embroidery floss box, but a lot were hanging out in here. I used a piece of tissue paper between the egg cups and the top to keep them from rattling around, though I still lost a few… Anyway, the lid came off at some point, but I clung to hope that my display would be finished soon so I didn’t move them to another box. I am so glad to be rid of that egg carton!

And I promised a giveaway in my last post since this post will be my 200th on the blog!

Who’d like to win a zipper pouch featured in my last post? I’m giving away the one on the left with the sailboats. I’ll leave the giveaway open until the middle of next week. Just leave a comment to enter, and thanks for reading!



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