square zipper pouches

My friend wanted a zipper pouch to go with the purse I made for her sister. She looked on my blog at previous zipper pouches I’ve made (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) but thought they were too big for what she was envisioning. I went to my Pinterest board for purses and pouches, found this coin purse tutorial, and sent it to her.

She thought it looked good and the matter was settled. I put it off for several days because my (relatively) new job is leaving me pretty exhausted, but once I sat down and cut the pieces out I realized just how simple this tutorial is. Seriously, it’s genius!

A few straight lines of stitching and you’ve got a cute little coin purse. The only thing beginners might not have is a zipper foot.



It reminds me of a mouth when the zipper is open.




The edges aren’t finished inside, but it doesn’t bother me like I thought it would. The topstitching was a little difficult because it’s hard to sew all the way along both sides of the zipper after it’s attached.

I liked this pouch so much that I made two more the next day using some short zippers I had hanging out in my stash.



Here they are “mouths” open.



I just happened to use solid colored linings on all three which is an interesting coincidence. I think a pop of patterned lining on a solid colored pouch would be cute.

In other sewing room news, I have a new iron! My mom got it for me for my birthday and I’m excited to start working with it. (Confession: I didn’t actually use an iron on these pouches.) Here’s my new Rowenta iron.



And here’s the old iron it’s replacing. This was a leftover from the boyfriend’s old roommate. I dropped it a few times, thus the teal duct tape on the top. It was kind of a pain anyway. I will be more careful with the new iron 🙂 Plus the new one has automatic shutoff, which is quite a nice feature.


I’ve had a few weekends full of social engagements in a row, so I’m hoping to hang out at home and get some things done this weekend. The boyfriend is already working to assemble my new dresser from IKEA, and I’ve got a few projects cut out.

Look for a giveaway or two in post 200! (This is 199.)


5 thoughts on “square zipper pouches

  1. Amanda says:

    I just discovered IKEA awesomeness this weekend. My first trip- loved it!! You’ll have to show me the new dresser next time I’m over. Cute pouches- may have to try one to go with that purse that’s still waiting to be made, haha.

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