reusable lunch bag and snack pouch

I got three pieces of plastic fabric (vinyl maybe?) at a yard sale in the spring, and have been wanting to make lunch bags since then. My friend Crystal was coming to visit, so I kicked it into gear and made the lunch bag I’d been intending to make her for the last several months.


I cut out the fabric a few months ago and had my mom buy me a non-stick sewing machine foot, but still hadn’t sat down at the machine to sew the bag. Once I did, it took me hardly any time at all. I pinked the edges before I started sewing so the inside would look good.

I combined two tutorials to get the look I wanted: this one from Skip to my Lou for the body of the bag and this one for the button closure.


I’d thought to use ribbon for the closure initially, but then I found the second tutorial which uses a much more functional piece of elastic.


The giant button was taken off a sweater I unraveled for yarn.

While I had the non-stick foot on the machine, I tried my hand at making a snack pouch. I used construction method from this tutorial, but wanted the green gingham showing on the inside and the outside so I improvised a bit and added a lining.

Here’s how it came out.


I folded the edges under to reinforce them and hide the unevenness that comes from sewing layers of plastic fabric. The sides were pinked because I didn’t want them getting to bulky with layers turned under.

I used a fun zigzag stitch on the top flap and closed the pouch with velcro. I don’t know if it will hold a lot, but it should manage some snacks.


So here it is, the matched set.


Crystal said she’s been eating lunch at the park lately and taking her lunch in plastic shopping bags, so now she can carry her lunch in style!

P.S. It’s a beautiful fall day today, and it’s my birthday 🙂 *shameless self-promotion*

I’ve got several birthdays coming up that I plan to sew presents for, so that’s what will be coming next!


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