boxy bag and birthday purse

I’ve conquered the boxy zip bag! I was nervous, but I’ve made a few different types of zipper pouches (curved top, wedge, pleated, gathered, embroidered) so it was time to further my knowledge. Guess what? It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

I used this pattern from Pretty Modern and it worked out well. It was a bit nerve-wracking since you don’t turn the bag right side out until the end when all the sewing is done. I thought I’d try to turn it and it would look like a big mess, but it looked like this!


Instead of interfacing for the lining, I used batting to give the bag a cushy interior. Look, it unzips correctly and is nice and finished inside!


One of my zipper tabs is off center but I’ll live with it, or wait until I can’t stand it anymore, rip the lining open and fix it. So far, I’m going to live with it. 🙂 The most tedious part of this bag was boxing all eight corners (lining and exterior), but it’s so worth it!

Where did I get this awesome fabric that is truly “the cat’s pajamas” you ask? At a yard sale of course! I used a pillowcase from the same day of yard sales (previously seen as a pillowcase dress) for the lining.


I’ve mentioned my sleep shorts addiction before. This pair was too big and billowy but I didn’t want to part with the fabric. I figured a pair of sleep shorts is well suited to be made into an overnight toiletries bag.

I finished another bag last weekend for my friend’s sister’s birthday. She’d seen the pleated purse I made for my swap partner and requested one for her sister. She picked the fabric and I did the sewing.


I did a matching pocket on the inside and a magnetic snap closure as the pattern suggests. I was more careful with the fusible interfacing this time so there are less wrinkles and bubbling.


Now I just have to give the bag to my friend!


3 thoughts on “boxy bag and birthday purse

  1. I love it, I would so wear those pyjama pants! I’m the same with those sort of patterns. I always expect it will come out a disaster and halfway through I will turn a project the right way out and think it looks wrong and get all worried!

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