doll quilt for Emma

I realized I never posted about the doll quilt I made for Emma when I found the pictures stashed in a folder a few days ago.

The only picture I did post looked like this. At this point, the doll quilt was two layers of high loft batting stuffed into fabric from a vintage bed sheet. I planned to just tie it or quilt it with some small tacks and be done.


Then some random craft room mojo struck and I rummaged through my felt stash and came up with this.


It is far from my usual style, but I was inspired to mix it up. I sent a picture to my mom and she told me it needed more quilting. So I went back to machine and it turned out like this.


It isn’t perfect, but it is whimsical and will work to cover up a two-year-old’s stuffed animals.

I’m glad I tried something different. I learned something new and hope to apply this style of quilting to future projects in a less random way.

If you’ve missed my Emma project posts, here’s a photo I forgot to post that shows everything I made for her this summer.

I sent her a couple of denim jackets I found on the cheap too. The cat was not sent in the package, despite her desire to lay on everything I was trying to pack.


I think that wraps up the Emma sewing for now. I got a hilarious video of Emma “unpacking” the package by picking things up one at a time and dropping them on the floor.


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