shorts to purse refashion

I printed out the pattern for the Phoebe bag a year or two ago but hadn’t gotten around to making it. These shorts my friend Amanda gave me from her Goodwill pile inspired me make this bag happen.


The flowers are a bit much with the multicolored plaid. When I went to cut up the shorts, I was pleased to find that the flower motif was only happening on one side of the fabric.


I saved the flaps on the back pockets…


and used them and their buttons on the inside pockets.


I didn’t have enough fabric to cut a whole outer panel from, so I cut two halves and sewed them together in the middle for each side. I covered the seam with a piece of black grosgrain ribbon because it looked weird with the plaids not matching up.


The flower on the bag came from a pair of sandals that recently bit the dust.


The sole was coming off and the interior had crumbled, so I salvaged the flowers and tossed the soles.

shoeflower01AThe flowers were sewn on to the straps, so I just had to sew the whole piece together and attached a safety pin through the threads.

These are the backs of my magnetic snap halves. It looks like I’m not the only upcycler!


And here’s a final inside shot. I like the looks of a bag lined in satin and I have a bunch of it around. I used black canvas for the handle.


So there you have it: shorts to purse! I gave the bag to Amanda this weekend, but I might have to make another version for myself!

Does it seem like everything I’ve been making lately is a bag? Well I just finished another one for my friend’s sister today, and have a few more planned.

I went to Joann’s yesterday and bought some more fabric for curtains and the right size zipper for the boxy bag so I hope to have that done this week. Maybe I’m just destined to be a sewer of bags, though I do hope to get some work clothes sewn soon.


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