totes, art shows, and styling a sweater




Totes have become my go-to gift to make for people. So far this summer, I’ve made one for my friend Leah‘s birthday, my boyfriend’s mom‘s birthday, for myself, for my mom, and for a couple of giveaways.

I made this one in a black, white, and gray chevron pattern. My mom’s friend was diagnosed with cancer a few months back and I wanted to make her something to take with her to her treatments.

I found this fabric remnant and knew it would be good for her because she is a stylish lady.



Jackson helped with quality control and inspected the pocket. I’ve been looking for a good use for the tiny pink heart remnant (I had maybe 1/8 / yard) and I wanted to put it in this tote to remind her we are thinking about her.

I had black canvas for the handles, and used two layers (one gray, one white) from my seemingly endless supply of broadcloth for the lining. I didn’t topstitch around the top like I usually do because I liked the folded over look, but I did box the bottom corners to give it dimension.



I sent the bag off to my mom to fill with things to read and do to pass the time while our friend is waiting at the hospital, and my mom passed it along to her. She seems to be doing well with her treatments.

The black and white together on the bag reminded me about a dress I was wearing the other day, and a surprising wardrobe pairing I discovered. Remember when I posted about that blue short-sleeve cardigan?

I was wearing a black and white striped summery dress and had been having issues with the straps covering what they were supposed to all morning. I was trying to solve this wardrobe crisis when I spotted the blue cardigan in my closet. I threw it on just for the heck of it and was quite surprised with how it looked.



I was quite happy with this look compared to the previous look, and had to take a picture to share with you all. The sweater also solved the straps issue and prevented any wardrobe malfunctions. This cardigan might be seeing the light of day more often!

In other news, the boyfriend and I went to an art show the other weekend. I picked up this leather bracelet for $4.


And the boyfriend bought this photo of street art.


The Big Lebowski is one of his favorite movies ever, and he’s a fan of street art so it was a good combo. I also saw some cool art quilts there, but didn’t get a picture.

I’m still not sure how I will be enjoying the rest of my Labor Day weekend, but last night we babysat the nephew who was awesome and entertaining and smiley, and today I’ve been sewing. I finished an oven mitt, started a purse for a friend’s sister, and realized I bought the wrong size zipper when I went to start a boxy toiletries bag. But my grandmother did just send me another Joann’s gift card, so I hope to be able to go buy a zipper and maybe pick up some fabric for other projects before the weekend is over.


2 thoughts on “totes, art shows, and styling a sweater

  1. That cardi looks really good with your dress! I would never have thought to put a bright colour with the stripes, but it looks great! I’m going to try and be a bit more daring now 🙂

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