mail and files

I’ve been getting some fun mail lately and wanted to share.

My mom made me a card to congratulate me on my new job. (You can check out the previous card she made me for my new place here.)


I used to work at a newspaper so this is a very appropriate theme. And I worked at a kids’ gymnastics place until recently, so the cartwheel instructor classified also fits in!

I like how she always puts little details on the envelope.


She’s been quite excited for me to find full-time employment (in a field I find interesting that is suited to my skills no less).

I also got a very nice thank you note for the pillowcase dresses that I made for Haiti. The dresses were set to ship mid-August so they should be in Haiti now!


And my friend sent me some new tea to try out. I’ve been in a tea phase this summer so if you have any favorites let me know. Check out that swanky wrapping paper and card!


I also got another new job congrats card (thanks Maureen!) and a Christmas card from my godmother because my extended family celebrates Christmas in July every year. She included a JoAnn’s gift card that will be going to the purchase of some curtain fabric for the craft room.


Thanks for all the mail, ladies!

Though it’s been a month and a half since the move, I’m still working on settling into the new place. The boyfriend and I have been cruising thrift stores and peddler’s malls looking for random furniture. I’d never considered a filing cabinet as something I wanted, but I’ve been seeing a lot out there lately and this piece with its $20 price tag pulled me in.


It was a little rough (note the large black spot)…


 but some elbow grease cleaned it right up.

I put a TV on top, and now have TV in the craft room!


I’d like to use it to house some patterns, but right now it’s full of random papers and computer stuff that needs organized.

I’m hoping to post about other recent thrift store purchases and home sewing projects soon, but I’m far busier at my new PR job than in any job I’ve had since leaving school. (No more crafting at nap time like I did at the preschool!) I enjoy what I’m doing, but it’s not making me want to hop on the blog when I get home since I’m on the computer most of the day. I have been sewing and thrifting though, so there are things to blog when I get in a posting mood.

In other blog news, my teal and gray backpack has been going viral on Pinterest.

pinterest backpack for me pinterest backpack for me 2

I’m excited because my yellow sweater bag has been my most popular post for far too long, and I’m quite proud of how that backpack turned out. Thanks to all the pinners for stopping by!

The other backpack I made this summer went along with my godson Anthony for his first day of kindergarten this morning. It was able to hold all the stuff he had to take on his first day, which was apparently a lot!



It looks pretty snazzy with his school uniform! He’s such a cutie.

Well, that’s all for now bloggers. I hope it won’t be too long before my next post, but this week is shaping up to be a busy one!

p.s. I’ve just signed up for round two of the Secret Tote Bag Swap. I had so much fun in round one!


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