jeans into cuffed shorts

I often give my friend Amanda and her mom dibs on my clothes when I’m ready to donate because they’re about the same size as me. Last week, Amanda returned the favor and gave me some of her mom’s clothes. They all fit (!) and I think I’ll be able to use all of them as is or with modifications.

My first project is with these jeans that were in the bag. I really liked the back pocket details, but there were issues below the knees.


shiny gold pockets!

I’m betting you can guess where I’m going with these from the placement of the pins. See the worn spots by the knees?


So I cut off the bottoms using this tip and had a pair of shorts.


They were a bit long for my taste, so I cut again.


Getting there.

I didn’t want to cut them too short because I knew I wanted cuffed shorts and that would take a couple more inches off the length.


I rolled them up to where I wanted (about a 1″ cuff), turned the tops 1/4″ under so no frayed bits were showing, and pressed and stitched. Tip: I stitched my side seams first so they weren’t flaring out, and then stitched around the top of the hem.


Bam! New shorts.


I think the gold embellished pockets are even more of a feature now.

The stretchiness of the fabric means these shorts are very comfortable for hanging out in. I’ve been wearing them around the house all weekend and, in fact, I’m wearing them right now!

I tried a pair of longer length, snug fit cutoffs a year or two ago that were very washed-out and fraying at the ends. The boyfriend said they were the most redneck thing he’d ever seen. Cute cuffs, a shorter length, a darker wash, awesome pocket details and no fraying ends keeps this pair away from redneck territory. (The boyfriend noted that he never would have thought these were jeans before.)


So a quick simple refashion got these jeans off the shelf of the sewing room and into wearing rotation. Hope you all are having a productive weekend!


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