catching up

Since July I have:

– moved from a tiny apartment to a two-story duplex with craft room (nothing fancy, but so much space!)
– purchased my first smart phone, an iPhone 5

– finally started using Instagram – I’m photosarahcats. (I started with photosarahcrafts, but have yet to post a craft photo and at least 50% of my posts are of the kitties.)


Harvey likes the space and all the windows in the new place

– begun a new full-time job in public information and marketing

work parking lot

view from the parking lot. I even have windows in my office!

– left my other three jobs that I’d collected since I moved last year (working part-time at a preschool, substitute teaching, and working Fridays/nights/weekends at a kids gymnastics/birthday party place)


one job instead of three = time for drinking lemonade on the porch

– actually been making plans with the boyfriend/friends and going out and doing stuff around town (since I’m not working all the time and have a bit more financial freedom)


went to the racetrack for a night to enjoy the beautiful fall-like weather we’ve been having lately

And I’ve gotten some sewing done in there too. I made a test version of a potholder and hope to make a few more plus some oven mitts in the near future. I sewed up some orange gingham curtains for the kitchen, and hope to purchase some more curtain fabric for other rooms soon. I’m also working on a few bags right now.

So that’s been my life via Instagram! If you are on it let me know. It’s my new favorite thing. 🙂


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