shirts to bags

Bringing home a guest post from Magda’s Refashion July over at House of Estrela. I finished Emma’s romper and made a curtain over the weekend. Photos to come soon!

Thanks so much to Magda for letting me be a part of Refashion July!

A few years ago I never thought about buying clothes at a thrift store, but now I’m a thrifting and refashioning convert!

One of the things I seem to make the most of is bags. Some of my first “refashions” were taking button down shirts and turning them into totes.


This blue and white striped one is one of my favorites. I took a “loud” button down that I loved the color of and converted it into a beachy tote bag.

I sewed the button placket closed, added a couple of yellow buttons, and just cut out the fabric according to the pattern I was using.

I used one of the cuffs to make a little pouch to throw inside.


I made this tote bag from another striped thrift store shirt.


I took the pocket and cuffs and sewed them to the lining for extra storage!


I’ve also used sweaters to make several bags.

sweater totesA

Clockwise from top left: green sweater tote with vintage sheet lining, purple sweater tote, yellow sweater bag with pockets, pink sweater clutch, sweater vest and satin bag

My most recent refashion project on my blog, Photosarah Crafts, was taking a denim shirt and adding some patriotic plaid.


I hope you’ll stop by and visit me! (Obviously you already have, so thanks!) I’ve got many more refashions, plus lots of sewing, crochet, and knitting going on!

There are lots of great refashioners out there, and I’ve found even more through this series! Thanks again to Magda for getting everyone together!


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