blue summer cardigan

This summer cardigan pattern was so easy and quick.

I knew it wanted to try it, but I wasn’t sure about the style so I made the pattern pieces fit onto a piece of thrift store knit.


I quite like the color, but the quality of the fabric wasn’t great so it worked to try out this pattern.



Finished results: front view. What do you think? I skipped the sleeve bands because I ran out of fabric but I might prefer the sweater without them. I don’t want something that gives me T-rex arms.



Here’s the side view. (I need to press that shoulder seam and have since pressed the back hem so it lies flat.) It would probably help if I modeled it with a shirt that wasn’t a graphic tee as I like the side view better. I do think the fit is good and it’s very comfortable.

But other than that, what are your thoughts readers? I have mixed feelings on it, so I’m going to let it sit in the closet while I decide. If I like it enough I might make one up in a fabric that I like more than this one. Maybe a fun gray and white chevron print?

Editor’s note: This cardigan was modeled at the old place. I’m still working on organizing and cleaning the new place and then photos will be forthcoming. 🙂 I’m looking forward to have more places to take pictures at the new place! I just have to finish some projects…


5 thoughts on “blue summer cardigan

  1. Nice job! The neck looks a little large for something that is to keep you warm – I would bring it in about an 1.5 inches so that it cradles the neck better. Have fun with it!

  2. I like it without the arm bands. I like the style on you, but I agree about making it in a print, a white & *insert colour* chevron print would be really nice.

  3. Denise Dudik says:

    I like it, but also agree about the neckline and like it without the arm bands. That being said, I think you should wear it! It fits you nicely, and with the more open neck would not be too hot for the late summer.

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