addressing some blogging business

This is just a quick stop to give some overdue shout-outs and thank yous and let you know what I’ve been up to recently both online and off.

  • Thank you so much to Jess for the note and the bracelet! She won my monk bag giveaway and was so sweet to send me mail in return. I’m glad to have her as a follower. 🙂


Someone got a little jealous of my new bracelet and wanted in on the photo.


  • I got nominated for two awards (a Liebster from Fraser Valley Livin’ and a Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from Montana Designs) while I was on blog hiatus. Thanks so much ladies! I haven’t had time to sit down and think about my nominations but I’d definitely like to make some.
  • I wrote a guest post for Refashion Month over at House of Estrela. I’d seen her refashions over at Wunderbar and asked her if I could participate and she said yes! I talked about turning shirts and sweaters into bags and I’ll bring the post home to my blog soon. The yellow sweater bag is by far my most viewed post of all time thanks to Pinterest.
sweater totesA

check out the post at House of Estrela here!

  • I’ve finished a doll quilt for Emma. It started out plain…

emmadollquilt01Abut craft room inspiration struck and I had fun with it. I’ll share the finished product soon!

  • I finished another tote as a belated birthday present. I really like how it turned out and can’t wait to share it with the intended recipient!
  • I’m replacing the elastic in cloth diapers for a friend who uses them for her daughter. So far so good, though there’s a LOT of diapers left to do. She just announced that baby #2 will be joining them next year, so hopefully the replaced elastic will hold up for awhile. I’ll be writing about the whole process once I’ve finished.

The one with the replaced elastic is on the left. The old elastic had stretched out almost an inch resulting in some saggy legs and leakage… never good.

  • I am working on an Elegance and Elephants romper for Emma. I do have a few more 2T patterns that I’d like to try down the road, but I’m just about ready to send off the items (shorts, apron, hat, & doll quilt) that I’ve been making for her the last couple of months.
  • And last but not least, my mom sent me a really cute handmade card to celebrate my move. Thanks Mom! I always enjoy getting mail from you. 🙂


She always includes cute little details on the envelope.


Well that’s all for now! I’m still settling in but we’re in the finishing touches stage since most things are unpacked and in place. I got to show some friends and family around this weekend and gave my parents a video tour. I hope to get some pictures up and post about the new craft room soon!


3 thoughts on “addressing some blogging business

  1. Glad you got the bracelet! I’ve been mass producing them for a while now. But I’m proud to say I’m getting better at making them and I’m even trying new patterns. Hope you like yours!
    Can’t wait to see your take on the romper. Should be cute. And I love the handmade card your mom sent you. Very clever and creative!

  2. Amanda says:

    I got the full tour, so exciting and happy for all the new great things! Your housewarming gift from this gal will be super belated…maybe co-birthday gift haha. Excited to craft with you & keep you company while you get through the rest of those diapers!

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