camper sunhat

I’ve already made Emma a purple and green reversible bucket hat this summer, but the camper hat pattern at A Jennuine Life was too cute to pass up.

I took a piece of star, sun, and moon fabric that has spent nearly a decade in my stash…


and paired it with orange and white fabric I’d found at a yard sale.


It’s an interesting combination, but I think it works. The orange and white was originally going to be some potholders and/or oven mitts so now I’ve got to choose new fabric for those. I just had to use it for this hat!

I used blue thread to topstitch on the blue side and white on the orange side, so there are tiny dots of blue thread showing along the stitching on the orange side.


The pattern was simple to follow and came together easily, though ironing the seams on the top of the hat was a bit tricky. I might topstitch the seams on the upper part of the hat if I make this pattern again, but I didn’t want to deal with sewing that curve this time around. And definitely make sure to mark the bottom of your four hat pieces! The sides are really hard to tell apart from the bottoms unless you do.

So now Emma also has an orange and blue sunhat (once I send it to her) and a purple and green bucket hat. I hope she likes all the bright colors!


5 thoughts on “camper sunhat

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    I think they’re beautiful Sarah! I know that the blue thread pulling through is possibly tension or needle size, but I quite like the tiny touch of blue showing on the orange side, I would have been tempted to use blue in both top and bottom threads! 🙂

    • I knew I didn’t want white on the blue side, but blue would have been cute on the orange side. I think the blue thread was thinner than the white so that’s why it pulled through. I have such a hodge podge collection of thread…

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