baby gusset pants

I’m not sure about having a patterned butt on a pair of pants, but I figured if anyone can pull it off it’s a baby.


I used some more of the yard sale sailboat sleep shorts fabric to make the nephew, a.k.a. HD, some more pants following the Purl Bee baby pants tutorial. The boyfriend thought the patterned butt was weird, but his sister (a.k.a. HD’s mom) liked them.


front view with a peek of the gusset.

Pinning the gusset was the longest part of the whole process and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The pants came together in less than an hour.

And the pants match the sailboat bib I made him.


These pants were sewn together the right way, unlike the last pair… It was quite obvious where the top was with the gusset and all.

It’s hard to believe HD will be two months old before long!


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