one stop yard sale

The cats lodged a complaint early yesterday morning: they were out of food and could someone please go take care of that ASAP?? or at least that’s how I interpreted their frantic clawing on the bedroom door and constant meowing. I got up and obliged.

En route to the store, I saw a few yard sale signs and refrained from stopping. I’ve just moved in and don’t need to be filling up the place with random stuff yet. Then one sale had great signage and nearly threw itself in my path so who was I to resist?


Harvey surveys my purchases.

I found two storage cubes for my shelves. I’d checked these out in the store a few days earlier and they were running about $7-9. The blue one is a bit dirty, but for $0.25 I’m willing to see if I can clean it up. The green one was $1 and the two pieces of fabric seen in the photo were included in its price.

The white fabric was used as a curtain by its previous owner, but she used iron-on hem tape so I’ll be redoing it whether I use it as a curtain or not. I didn’t really want the Toy Story fleece but I’ll put a border on it and donate it to Project Linus.

I picked up a sponge holder for the kitchen sink for another quarter. It’s a bit gross now but after a good cleaning it should work just fine.


The seller threw in the paper towel holder for free. It had been marked at $0.10 so I saved a dime there. 😉

All in all, I spent $1.50 for six items. That’s not even 1/4 of what I would have spent for a new storage cube!

I’ve been busy in the craft room this weekend, so lots to come this week!


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