secret tote swap: received

As I mentioned a while back, I got my secret tote swap package!!! Thank you so much SewLindaAnn!

The first thing I saw when I opened it was a yarn basket filled with fun buttons and some cute washi tape (so exciting because I only own one roll!) and a very nice handwritten note.


This yarn basket will be put to use to store craft supplies ASAP!

The main event was wrapped in a pattern.


the sniffing begins.

My tote is beautiful and blue.


It even matches Harvey’s collar!


The cats investigated it thoroughly, and both had to stick their entire heads in it.



I thought I recognized the pattern and sure enough it’s a very purple person purse. I’ve made the pattern twice before, once using a thrifted shirt for fabric, and another time I made a striped one for a friend.

Here’s the other side of the purse.



And it’s reversible! I think I’ll be carrying it with the pocket on the inside and this showing on the outside for now.


I really like all the different blue fabrics my partner chose. 🙂 Thanks again SewLindaAnn!

I’m mostly settled in to my new place (blogging this live from the craft room!) and finally got internet access yesterday so I hope to get back into a craft and blog routine soon.


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