moving on up

I’m on a brief hiatus as you may have noticed. First, I was away for an extended weekend visiting my family and this past week I’ve been moving. No more craft corner, a.k.a. a bookshelf and small sewing table, in the living room/dining room/kitchen area (with extra supplies living in my bedroom closet and under the bed). I’ll be working out of a craft ROOM with two closets! The move made me realize about 50% of my possessions are craft-related so it will be nice to have them all in one place.

Every time I’ve sat down to write one of the two posts I’d started before all this happened (Emma’s apron and the tote I received in the secret tote bag swap) I’ve either remembered stuff I have to pack, or fallen asleep. (I’ve also been in charge of planning and carrying out summer camp this week at the school where I work. It’s been fun, but also hot, sticky, and exhausting.)

So here’s a pic a piece of the two posts I hope to have up sometime next week.


Emma’s apron



Harvs sneaks in a lick while Jackson sniffs my secret tote swap bag

The move will be finalized over the weekend and I hope to get my sewing machine and computer set up quickly. (Note to self: remember to set up internet at the new place…) I’ll be pretty excited to have some new background in my blog pics! (And of course have a craft room!!)

I haven’t been reading (m)any blogs lately either so I’m looking forward to catching up on what everyone has been doing while I’ve been away!


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