blue summer cardigan

This summer cardigan pattern was so easy and quick.

I knew it wanted to try it, but I wasn’t sure about the style so I made the pattern pieces fit onto a piece of thrift store knit.


I quite like the color, but the quality of the fabric wasn’t great so it worked to try out this pattern.



Finished results: front view. What do you think? I skipped the sleeve bands because I ran out of fabric but I might prefer the sweater without them. I don’t want something that gives me T-rex arms.



Here’s the side view. (I need to press that shoulder seam and have since pressed the back hem so it lies flat.) It would probably help if I modeled it with a shirt that wasn’t a graphic tee as I like the side view better. I do think the fit is good and it’s very comfortable.

But other than that, what are your thoughts readers? I have mixed feelings on it, so I’m going to let it sit in the closet while I decide. If I like it enough I might make one up in a fabric that I like more than this one. Maybe a fun gray and white chevron print?

Editor’s note: This cardigan was modeled at the old place. I’m still working on organizing and cleaning the new place and then photos will be forthcoming. 🙂 I’m looking forward to have more places to take pictures at the new place! I just have to finish some projects…


addressing some blogging business

This is just a quick stop to give some overdue shout-outs and thank yous and let you know what I’ve been up to recently both online and off.

  • Thank you so much to Jess for the note and the bracelet! She won my monk bag giveaway and was so sweet to send me mail in return. I’m glad to have her as a follower. 🙂


Someone got a little jealous of my new bracelet and wanted in on the photo.


  • I got nominated for two awards (a Liebster from Fraser Valley Livin’ and a Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from Montana Designs) while I was on blog hiatus. Thanks so much ladies! I haven’t had time to sit down and think about my nominations but I’d definitely like to make some.
  • I wrote a guest post for Refashion Month over at House of Estrela. I’d seen her refashions over at Wunderbar and asked her if I could participate and she said yes! I talked about turning shirts and sweaters into bags and I’ll bring the post home to my blog soon. The yellow sweater bag is by far my most viewed post of all time thanks to Pinterest.
sweater totesA

check out the post at House of Estrela here!

  • I’ve finished a doll quilt for Emma. It started out plain…

emmadollquilt01Abut craft room inspiration struck and I had fun with it. I’ll share the finished product soon!

  • I finished another tote as a belated birthday present. I really like how it turned out and can’t wait to share it with the intended recipient!
  • I’m replacing the elastic in cloth diapers for a friend who uses them for her daughter. So far so good, though there’s a LOT of diapers left to do. She just announced that baby #2 will be joining them next year, so hopefully the replaced elastic will hold up for awhile. I’ll be writing about the whole process once I’ve finished.

The one with the replaced elastic is on the left. The old elastic had stretched out almost an inch resulting in some saggy legs and leakage… never good.

  • I am working on an Elegance and Elephants romper for Emma. I do have a few more 2T patterns that I’d like to try down the road, but I’m just about ready to send off the items (shorts, apron, hat, & doll quilt) that I’ve been making for her the last couple of months.
  • And last but not least, my mom sent me a really cute handmade card to celebrate my move. Thanks Mom! I always enjoy getting mail from you. 🙂


She always includes cute little details on the envelope.


Well that’s all for now! I’m still settling in but we’re in the finishing touches stage since most things are unpacked and in place. I got to show some friends and family around this weekend and gave my parents a video tour. I hope to get some pictures up and post about the new craft room soon!

camper sunhat

I’ve already made Emma a purple and green reversible bucket hat this summer, but the camper hat pattern at A Jennuine Life was too cute to pass up.

I took a piece of star, sun, and moon fabric that has spent nearly a decade in my stash…


and paired it with orange and white fabric I’d found at a yard sale.


It’s an interesting combination, but I think it works. The orange and white was originally going to be some potholders and/or oven mitts so now I’ve got to choose new fabric for those. I just had to use it for this hat!

I used blue thread to topstitch on the blue side and white on the orange side, so there are tiny dots of blue thread showing along the stitching on the orange side.


The pattern was simple to follow and came together easily, though ironing the seams on the top of the hat was a bit tricky. I might topstitch the seams on the upper part of the hat if I make this pattern again, but I didn’t want to deal with sewing that curve this time around. And definitely make sure to mark the bottom of your four hat pieces! The sides are really hard to tell apart from the bottoms unless you do.

So now Emma also has an orange and blue sunhat (once I send it to her) and a purple and green bucket hat. I hope she likes all the bright colors!

baby gusset pants

I’m not sure about having a patterned butt on a pair of pants, but I figured if anyone can pull it off it’s a baby.


I used some more of the yard sale sailboat sleep shorts fabric to make the nephew, a.k.a. HD, some more pants following the Purl Bee baby pants tutorial. The boyfriend thought the patterned butt was weird, but his sister (a.k.a. HD’s mom) liked them.


front view with a peek of the gusset.

Pinning the gusset was the longest part of the whole process and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. The pants came together in less than an hour.

And the pants match the sailboat bib I made him.


These pants were sewn together the right way, unlike the last pair… It was quite obvious where the top was with the gusset and all.

It’s hard to believe HD will be two months old before long!

one stop yard sale

The cats lodged a complaint early yesterday morning: they were out of food and could someone please go take care of that ASAP?? or at least that’s how I interpreted their frantic clawing on the bedroom door and constant meowing. I got up and obliged.

En route to the store, I saw a few yard sale signs and refrained from stopping. I’ve just moved in and don’t need to be filling up the place with random stuff yet. Then one sale had great signage and nearly threw itself in my path so who was I to resist?


Harvey surveys my purchases.

I found two storage cubes for my shelves. I’d checked these out in the store a few days earlier and they were running about $7-9. The blue one is a bit dirty, but for $0.25 I’m willing to see if I can clean it up. The green one was $1 and the two pieces of fabric seen in the photo were included in its price.

The white fabric was used as a curtain by its previous owner, but she used iron-on hem tape so I’ll be redoing it whether I use it as a curtain or not. I didn’t really want the Toy Story fleece but I’ll put a border on it and donate it to Project Linus.

I picked up a sponge holder for the kitchen sink for another quarter. It’s a bit gross now but after a good cleaning it should work just fine.


The seller threw in the paper towel holder for free. It had been marked at $0.10 so I saved a dime there. 😉

All in all, I spent $1.50 for six items. That’s not even 1/4 of what I would have spent for a new storage cube!

I’ve been busy in the craft room this weekend, so lots to come this week!

Emma apron

I’ve been on a sewing kick for my little cousin Emma and cute 2T patterns keep showing up on the blogs I read. This toddler apron appeared on Simple Simon & Company and I knew immediately that I’d be making one. It took a little while for the .pdf pattern to show up, but I’d left an eager comment and she was kind enough to email the pattern to me when the link was fixed.


This vintage sheet was so cute for an apron. There are three layers of fabric for the apron base: a piece of sheet on each side with white broadcloth sandwiched in the middle since the sheet was thin and I didn’t want the flowers showing through on the opposite side. I sewed all three together inside out, then turned, and topstitched. The triple layering gives it some heft and absorbency.

The fabric was flimsy and prone to fraying so I used two pieces of broadcloth for the pocket, sewed them together, turned, and then sewed the whole thing onto the apron.

emmaapron01AI chose a bright green bias tape to add some contrast and color so it wouldn’t be overwhelmingly blue. This was a quick, easy project and I only had to buy the bias tape! I can only imagine how cute Emma will look in it, once I get it mailed off… 🙂

secret tote swap: received

As I mentioned a while back, I got my secret tote swap package!!! Thank you so much SewLindaAnn!

The first thing I saw when I opened it was a yarn basket filled with fun buttons and some cute washi tape (so exciting because I only own one roll!) and a very nice handwritten note.


This yarn basket will be put to use to store craft supplies ASAP!

The main event was wrapped in a pattern.


the sniffing begins.

My tote is beautiful and blue.


It even matches Harvey’s collar!


The cats investigated it thoroughly, and both had to stick their entire heads in it.



I thought I recognized the pattern and sure enough it’s a very purple person purse. I’ve made the pattern twice before, once using a thrifted shirt for fabric, and another time I made a striped one for a friend.

Here’s the other side of the purse.



And it’s reversible! I think I’ll be carrying it with the pocket on the inside and this showing on the outside for now.


I really like all the different blue fabrics my partner chose. 🙂 Thanks again SewLindaAnn!

I’m mostly settled in to my new place (blogging this live from the craft room!) and finally got internet access yesterday so I hope to get back into a craft and blog routine soon.