pillowcase dresses for Haiti

I read this post on Alida Makes (and later on The Sewing Rabbit) and set to work cutting out some pillowcase dresses.

I had a large piece of thrifted fabric that I’d tried to use for me and knew it would be better off as some cute little dresses. I used the Prudent Baby tutorial I’d used before to make little dresses for charity but in a toddler size this time.


I didn’t have any coordinating fabrics or ribbons in my stash so I kept it simple. The blue bias tape ties were in the vintage sewing supplies from Kathy’s mom; I was on my way out to door to buy ribbon for the ties when I checked that stash and they matched the blue!

This purple heart covers a small hole in the fabric.


I hope they get lots more dresses for the little ones there! The deadline is at the end of June if you want to participate.

I’m well on my way to my goal of doing six charity projects this year. So far I’ve made baby bibs for China, zipper pouches and crochet bracelets for She’s Worth It, a quilt for Quilts for Kids, hats and scarves for Romania, and these pillowcase dresses for Haiti. I’ve already got a Project Linus quilt in mind…


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