denim shirt redo

I got this denim shirt for a quarter at my $0.25 yard sale bonanza.


The main issues with the original shirt were: bulky epaulets, too snug to button up all the way, and weird matching distressing on the pockets.


I’d already taken care of the pocket situation in the middle pic.

I’ve been really getting into Refashion Runway so I wanted to have a sew-along for week two’s denim theme. I’d already started seam ripping this shirt, so it was a great project to make for this week.

I used this as my inspiration, but didn’t want a lace back.

I removed the back, taking the buttons for the tabs on the shoulders with it. There was a lot of seam ripping going on.


shirt chaps? I removed the sleeves too, but reattached them later.

I used the shirt back as a pattern for my contrast fabric, but added extra width to fix the fit problem.


bye bye bulky buttons! (see top)

I had a hard time deciding what fabric I wanted for the back. I’d originally tried this pink floral, but ended up using it for a toddler sundress. The fabric I used to lengthen this skirt wasn’t wide enough and I didn’t want a seam running down the middle. The boyfriend was against all florals, and in the end I agreed. (Let it be noted that he only gives his opinion when asked!)


I set out all my potential fabrics with the front of the shirt, and it turned into a cat lounge in less than five minutes.

I do like the yellow gingham, but it’s quite sheer and I wasn’t going for a shirt I’d have to layer.

After the red and blue plaid was selected (yard sale fabric of course) and the back was cut, I got to work putting this shirt back together. I sewed the back on at the sides and collar; reattached the sleeves; nipped and tuck for fit; made new plaid pockets; and sewed on new buttons from my stash.


The plaid comes over the shoulders a little in the front because I removed those tabs, and I like how you can see a peek of it to tie it into the front pockets. Here it is on.


It buttons up! I’ve removed some of those bulky metal buttons on the pockets and top, and added color and pattern with the plaid. This might be more of a summer-into-fall shirt as it’s a bit woodsy and rustic.

(Only two items left to refashion from that original yard sale post!)

For other denim refashions, you can see the tank I made from a lightweight denim shirt (wearing it today!) and my recent mom jeans turned capris.


14 thoughts on “denim shirt redo

  1. What a great refashion! I am working on a denim refashion this week and hope to have it up on my blog sometime this weekend. Great job – I hope to see more!

  2. Very cute! I have yet to add a denim shirt to my wardrobe. I know…… behind the times, huh? Lol. Your upgrade is great. It was certainly a steal at $.25. Thanks for stopping by my space and commenting!

    • I didn’t get a denim shirt til last fall and it took me a while to figure out how to wear it even after I got it! You definitely can’t argue with adding a second one for only $0.25 though 🙂

      I really like your blog!

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