weekend crochet

I got out my crochet hooks over the weekend to make a flower and bow to add to the bags I made for my secret tote swap partner (swap details here).


love a good swirl flower. pattern here.


I’d been looking for an opportunity to use this bow pattern from craftiness is not optional. I skipped the hot glue and sewed my bow together.

You can check them out on the bags on flickr if you like. (I’m mailing the package off soon, and won’t be posting the whole story on here til I know my partner’s received them.)

I used scrap angora merino yarn to make the flower and bow, leftover from a scarf I made for a secret Christmas gift exchange; it was a good shade of pink to complement the purple bags.

I couldn’t bring myself to put the hooks away right then, so I made up this small fish too.


My cats are always getting in my yarn, especially if it’s moving while I’m working with it.

Like that one time I was working on my scallop totes, and turned around and saw this…


This wool used to be in a nice skien. Doesn’t she look pleased with herself for turning it into a jumble?

So after I completed the fish I decided to surrender it to the cats and give them a toy.


hesitantly evaluating the new object.


the one-paw test.

I cut the button eye off almost immediately since they were chewing on it and I didn’t want it to be a choking hazard.


attack mode

Three small crochet projects in one weekend. I’d been feeling a little stuck in sewing so it was nice to switch modes for awhile.

I’ve got one knitting project on my needles that seems like it will take awhile, and am going to start a larger crochet project soon. In terms of sewing, I’m making three pillowcase dresses to send to this project (just need some cute ribbon for the ties), I’ve finished a backpack for me that I need to photograph, and I’ve got several other ideas in progress.

Don’t forget, my vintage curtain tote giveaway is still going on! I’ll probably close it in a couple more days. There are only two entries right now, so your odds of winning would be pretty good!


6 thoughts on “weekend crochet

      • Thanks! From the looks of your blog, it seems like your learning to sew is going really well! I enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

        I crochet far more than I knit, and find it easier but I’ve heard knitters say crochet is hard! That bow tutorial is made for people who are just starting out if you are looking to get into it.

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