father’s day grill apron

Before long I’ll have made aprons for all my friends and family. I decided a grill apron would be a great Father’s Day present for my dad. I used the fabric that gave me the idea to make an apron for my brother, so I had to find a different piece.

I relied on the boyfriend to help me find something suitably manly and we agreed upon this home dec remnant from Hancock Fabrics. It seems to be partially or wholly cotton and doesn’t have too much of an upholstery feel. The print is the same on both sides.

dadsgrillapron01AI made the extra large of this basic McCalls apron pattern because it was sized for women, but it came out overly large. The boyfriend said it was like wearing a dress when he tried it on (dress = not manly) so I chopped about six inches off the bottom and three off each side.


I used the same pocket style as I did for my other brother’s apron and tacked down the tops after the initial try-on so the pocket wouldn’t hang open like in the photo above. The boyfriend was much happier to model it after the adjustments.


no gaping pocket.

So it should now be manly and appropriately sized and adequately protect my father’s clothing from foods leaping off the grill. (You’re welcome Dad! ;)) I sent it home with my brother when he was down for a visit a few weeks ago.


my not-so-little little brother


since Andrew turned 21 in May, we had to tour a distillery down the road.

My dad gave it a test run last night, and Mom sent me a photo. It stood the test of ribs, and my dad likes it!


It even coordinated with his outfit.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, especially mine!


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