striped summer shorts

Even though I sent off her birthday package, I haven’t stopped sewing for Emma yet. I found a cute piece of fabric in the magical endless bag of goodies from Kathy’s mom and I wanted it to be a pair of striped shorts for Emma. I used this tutorial from Caila-Made.

I made this pair reversible like the popover sundress I sewed for her; the fabric definitely needed a lining so why not finish all the seams the easy way by hiding them on the inside?

To make them reversible, I tried to place outside and the inside right sides together, one inside the other, and sewed the bottoms of the shorts together. This did not work.


What did work was sewing them right sides together at the cuffs this way, without having the two pieces inside of each other.


I encased the elastic between the two layers at the top of the shorts.


The inside of the shorts. They aren’t totally “reversible” because the outside fabric sticks out a little at the top and cuffs.

I cut my elastic about an inch smaller than suggested because otherwise my shorts would have had no give at the waistline. I guess the waist is higher up because I didn’t turn down a lot of fabric for the casing since they were lined? (I just figured that out as I was writing this post.) I also extended the leg line a bit.

I hope they fit, but they turned out cute even if, unfortunately, they aren’t wearable. That’s the disadvantage of long-distance sewing. I might have to try this pattern again in a darker fabric that won’t need a lining.

I like how the shorts have more rise in the back, and the tutorial had good instructions. I was easily able to get a finished product.


Voila! Love that striped fabric.

I’m adding these to Shorts on the Line even though I’m sure their simplicity won’t net me any awards.

It’s kind of like my entry for Skirt Week; I participated and got a cute final product and a chance to share my stuff with the sewing community. That’s good enough for me! I hope to work my way up to sewing more complicated items with fun details soon.


4 thoughts on “striped summer shorts

  1. handmadebymrsh says:

    Wow…lined shorts…you don’t make life easy lol! I never would have thought to sew the cuffs together, it makes my mind boggle just thinking about it!

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