jumpsuit to summer top

I’ve been able to tackle some new projects and some that have been on hold for awhile thanks to a bit more free time and being relatively organized and motivated. Here’s piece I picked up a year ago that took very little time to refashion once I sat down and worked on it.

I bought this jumpsuit last summer. I remember the guy selling at a yard sale it tried to get me to pay a little more, but honestly, what would you have paid for this atrocity? I paid less than $1.

jumpsuit beforeA

head removed to protect the innocent. thanks to my former roomie Kendra for snapping this shot one Saturday morning last summer.

This is perhaps the most ridiculous thrifted thing I’ve bought. Aside from the design, it was so horribly unflattering.

The first thing that had to go was the pants. There’s a peplum-y top hiding in there somewhere. Then there were a few nips, tucks, and additions.

jumpsuit topA

Here’s what I did: – I cut off the legs, took the front and back seams in where there was extra fabric, and gave the whole thing a narrow hem. – I let out one of the sides that had been taken in and finished the fraying edges inside. – I removed the belt loop from the front. – I added a triangle of black in the center to offer more coverage. – I also added a few stitches on the black stripe to secure the pleats.

I was excited to use my narrow hem foot for the first time. I’d gotten it awhile ago for a project but hadn’t taken it out of the package until a few days ago. It worked out really well on the lightweight fabric of this jumpsuit turned top.

jumpsuit hemA

The pleats aren’t exactly how I’d like them and it’s not quite a peplum, but oh well. It’s an easy, wearable summer top and way better than it was when it first came into my hands. The fabric isn’t what I would normally go for, but it drew me in for some reason; I see it pairing well with neutral colored shorts this summer.

jumpsuit afterA

So there you have it. From horrible jumpsuit to not too shabby woven summer top.

jumpsuit b+a A

I realized my striped jumpsuit fit the theme for last week’s Refashion Runway sew along so I’m linking it up over there. A lot of blogs I read regularly are contestants so I’ve been following along closely. Here’s a link to more info about the competition, or just go over to Chic Envelopments to catch all the action. I’ve got this week’s denim refashion in mind and hope to have it ready for the sew along too!


15 thoughts on “jumpsuit to summer top

    • I totally agree! I love this jumpsuit! lol But, then again, I am a jumpsuit fanatic. I do have to say that the refashion is equally as good. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  1. Amanda says:

    Kudos for seeing any potential in that fabric whatsoever. I’d never guess it looked like that. I definitely don’t mind shopping around town with you now if you wear it. lol 🙂

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