reversible popover dress for Emma

I’d printed the Oliver + S popover dress pattern awhile ago. While assembling Emma’s birthday package, I decided to make it up using a pillowcase found at a yard sale (of course). I’d cut the pieces and started the dress when I realized how sheer the pillowcase was.


I was already working with this pink on pink floral fabric for a denim shirt refashion. I’d been saving this fabric from a thrifting adventure in Alabama for a special occasion. I didn’t want to just use it as a lining, so when I realized it wasn’t working on the shirt I decided to make the dress reversible.


I sewed the side seams and put the two dresses wrong sides together before attaching the yoke and the bias tape.


I know the yoke would have been a great place for embroidery, but I wanted the dress finished sooner than later.


I used store-bought bias tape for the straps and had enough leftover to do the hem of the dress. I didn’t want either fabric showing on the other side of the hem so I figured bias tape would give a nice clean edge and tie the hem together with the top of the dress colorwise.


I like each side of the reversible dress. I’d thought about going with a less vibrant bias tape, but I think both sides needed the color. I can’t wait to see pictures of Emma running around in it, provided it fits!


5 thoughts on “reversible popover dress for Emma

  1. Jane says:

    I have this pink pillowcase in a fitted single bed sheet! Beautiful quality cotton made in the U.S. A lovely little dress.

  2. So cute…I love this idea. I have the pdf for this pattern downloaded, but have yet to test it out. I love the reversible-ness…it feels extra-fulfilling to have a two-for-one, and it makes for such a beautiful garment inside and out. I really love that!

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